How to make hair bows for babies

Welcome back to Super Savvy Saturday! Today's DIY project is super fun, super easy, and has a TON of uses. Can't beat that, right?
Today's project is: 
Hair bows!
Knowing how to make hair bows will come in handy many times throughout your life, I promise! They make perfect gifts, perfect accessories for yourself (clip them on necklaces, in your own hair, make rosette “pins” to put on sweaters, etc.), you can make and sell them for extra money, and can use them for decor details in various ways.
I'm throwing a shower for a friend on Thursday. She is having a little girl, so we are having a hair-bow-making station at her shower, so people can make bows for her as a little gift!
Cute, right?
I got together with some friends to try out a few different styles to demonstrate at the shower.

Here's what you need for these bows:
  • Ribbon (I buy the $1 spools from craft stores, or the 2 for $3 and use a coupon. Don't pay too much for ribbon!!)
  • Hot glue
  • Alligator clips (you can get a big box of them from any beauty supply store for around $5)
  • Scrap fabric
  • Any fun add-ons: buttons, jewels, pearls, etc.

Here are some hair bow examples:

Example #1: Loopy bows
You do just as it sounds, it's so easy!
Just make a little loop in your ribbon, and secure with a small dot of hot glue.

Do the same thing on the other side.

And cut! Now you have a free-standing loop, if you will.

Make a few loops. I did 4 and it was perfect. They will naturally vary in size, which is just fine. I arranged them by size, starting with the biggest one first.

Start stacking them, with the biggest loop on the bottom. Secure the loops to each other with glue.

Keep stacking until you get your desired look!
How easy is that?!
Take an alligator clip and start covering it with coordinating ribbon. This is optional, but I like to do it because it makes the clip A) look cuter, and B) prevents it from snagging hair.

You don't need to add ribbon to the side that will be attached to the bow, just FYI

Secure with a drop of glue, and there you go!

You can use this same method to make all kinds of clips. Here are the two I made, each took about 5 minutes or less!
I added some tulle (spelling??) and a button to finish off my bow. Cuteness!
All you need are a few hair bands, and you simply clip whatever bow you want onto the hair band. Versatile, and much cheaper than needing ONE hairband PER bow!
This bow is attached to a hairband I got from the dollar store in a 3-pack.

Example #2: Twisty bows (don't you like my technical names??)
All you need for this is scrap fabric! Easy!

Cut a little slit in a some scrap fabric. Cut your slit however wide you want your strip to be. You'll see what I mean in a second. 1-2 inches wide is just fine.

Starting at the slit you cut, rip the strip away from the rest of the fabric.

Now you have a strip of fabric. (You can cut the fabric rather than ripping, but ripping gives it a cute shabby look…and is much easier!)

Twist the top of the strip.

Tie it in a knot.
(This is hard to show with one hand…) Keep twisting the strip of fabric, and wrap around itself in a cinnamon bun shape. Secure with tiny drops of hot glue as you go.

And there you go! You're done! Now you have a cute rosette bow. Changing the width of your strip of fabric will change the look of your rosette, so have fun with it!
Add some little touches, glue an alligator clip to the back, and there you go!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making bows, even by just using these two methods!
The blue bow with pearls on it (top right) was made by using the same method I used for my flannel wreath
Just cut little circles, fold them in half, fold them in half again, then glue a bunch of them to a piece of scrap fabric (something thick like felt works best). So easy!
Have fun making bows for your daughters, yourself, or your friends. It's a great party activity idea too!
Enjoy 🙂


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