As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I threw a big baby shower recently for my friend. It was so fun planning and customizing things for the shower!
While many of you I'm sure are already super handy with Photo Shop and making custom cards and announcements, I only recently learned enough to start making things myself…
SO this Super Savvy Saturday project is for all of you out there who are like me, and are still learning!
How I make my own FREE cards, notes, and invites (…keeping in mind that I am NOT creative, NOT artistic, and am really super new to all of this. If you know better ways of doing this, please leave a comment and share with us all! Otherwise, here's how it works for me!). This is also how I made all of my buttons on the side of my site!:

I love making my own invites and thank you notes, and getting them printed for free at Costco using the coupons that come in their frames that you buy:
(Remember these logos and invites from my son's birthday?)
Step 1: Get GIMP
I have mentioned this tip multiple times before, but GIMP is basically a FREE version of Photo Shop! It's nearly identical, can do all the same stuff, and is safe. Oh yeah, and FREE. If you have Photo Shop you could obviously use that. You can also use programs like Picnik, but I'm not familiar with it, personally. I like how customizable GIMP is.
Can't beat that! Click HERE to get GIMP.
Step 2: Learn how to use it
This is the hardest, most frustrating, and most time consuming part…but is also the most important. I recommend using Youtube! Search “Gimp Tutorial” for example and you'll get tons of videos to choose from. This is a great way to learn how to do things the quick and easy way.
Step 3: Get free digital scrapbooking supplies

I am not talented nor creative enough to make my own backgrounds, fonts, etc. Props to all of you who are! I like to download mine for FREE. 
  • The site I use the most is Shabby Princess. They have lots of free digital scrapbooking kits that you can download. They haven't added new free kits for a year or so, so they don't have a lot of new inventory…however, their kits are the cutest and most complete that I've seen. Like this one:
Note***The downloads take up a lot of space on your computer so I recommend downloading them on an external hard drive if you have one.
Step 4: Start piecing together!
Once you have the papers and embellishments you want (embellishments are buttons, flowers, swirlies, and all the cute little extras that you can add) you simply put them together however you'd like…just like a real scrapbooking page!
To make the invitations for Shannon's shower here is what I did:
I chose a few papers and a ribbon that I liked from the Shabby Princess collection:

I used GIMP to cut and piece them all together!

  • I opened each paper individually
  • I chose the one that I wanted for my background.
  • The other papers I wanted to cut shapes from, so I pulled up the page I wanted:
  • And I chose the shape select tool. I used both the rectangle and circle buttons for different parts of my invite. The rectangle button is highlighted below, the circle select is right next to it:
  • Choose the shape you want, and click and drag it on your paper until you get the shape and size you want:
  • Once you have the shape, go to EDIT and CUT
  • The shape will disappear from the purple paper.
  • Go to your “background” paper and simply PASTE the circle. So easy!
  • Do the same thing with any shapes you want.
  • Add text,
and you've got yourself a super cute invitation! Save it as a jpg file, email it or print it out, and there you go! A FREE, easy, and completely custom invite or card.
Have fun playing around with the possibilities! This is sure to not only impress your friends, but to save you lots of money in the long run. Enjoy!