Guys, I need your super quick opinion on something! I promise it will only take you 1-2 minutes TOPS, and it will fully make me fall in love with you forever and ever by doing so. If that's not enough incentive, I'll throw in awkward selfies on Instagram and promise to send all sorts of good JuJu your way.

So, you know how I do a Frugality Boot Camp conference every year? And you know how I mentioned that to switch things up this year, Melea from Freebies2Deals and I are combining forces this year to throw an AMAZING conference (called MECCA = Making Every Cent Come Alive…website coming soon)? Well things are underway!! We just have to finalize a few details before we can start pre-selling (discounted, of course) tickets and getting you information to put on your calendar.

MECCA: Making Every Cent Come Alive, the ultimate frugal living conference

We keep going back and forth…do the conference at a great resort in the Park City/Heber area so you can get discounted hotel room rates and make a fabulous family/spouse/friend weekend getaway out of it (staying overnight would be optional of course), or keep it more central and do it in the Salt Lake area at a conference center rather than a resort.

We canNOT decide…so we need YOU to! (This conference is for you, after all…). So PLEASE…will you give us your 1-minute opinion??


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