Sugar Doodle Kids PJ giveaway!

If there's one thing my kids have an abundance of, it's PJ's.
However, if there's one thing my kids are always in need of…it's PJ's!
How is that possible?
Well, for one, they wear them all evening…then all night long…then they eat breakfast in them…then they seem to stay in their PJ's for 1/2 the day some days. They need to be durable, comfortable, easy to wash, and cute (of course).
That's why I was jumping up and down when I was introduced to Sugar Doodle Kids. It's a PJ company with a cool story, a great cause, and stinking adorable (and unique) PJ's.

The owners (Janessa and Nick) had a baby pass away.

Aren't they cute? And no, we're not sisters…
They looked past their sorrow they decided to turn their misfortune around and find a way to give back to others. Sugar Doodle Kids was born. They wanted to create something that kids could enjoy again and again, while giving back to a good cause.
For every pair of PJs they sell, at least 1 meal is given to a child in need.
The PJ's are adorable as-is, but the super neat part about their company is that YOUR KIDS can design the PJ's!  It's true!
They run ongoing art contests. Your kids can submit their own drawings and designs (see HERE), and the winning design gets manufactured into the next pair of PJ's.
How cool would it be for your kid to own PJ's that THEY designed?
So. So. Cool.
These are their current designs:
And they are in need of YOUR kids' designs, so get submittin' folks!
I put my kids in the PJ's and tried to have them stay still so I could take a cutesy, posed picture. This is what happened…
They got so excited about their new PJ's that they couldn't contain themselves.
Go figure.
Would you like that same reaction too? Just click HERE or enter below to win one of TWO pairs of PJ's for your sweet kiddos! (or to give away to someone else's sweet kiddos.) Their PJ's are an investment (for a good cause), so this is a good way to get them for a good price…can't beat FREE right? 🙂
Once again, click HERE to enter or click on the widget below:
(Sorry folks, this giveaway has ended!)

Best of luck, the two winners will be drawn in one week (on 5/6). Happy napping!


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