Last Sunday (Father's Day) I slaved the day away making my lovely hubby's favorite meals. At the end of the day, he asked for his favorite dessert…gooey, chocolatey, delicious-y BROWNIES.
I was half-way through making them (via a mix that I price-matched) and realized…
I was out of eggs. DOH! Don't you hate that?
I ran to the web and learned about a surprising substitute for eggs… APPLESAUCE!
Watch the video below to see how to use the applesauce, or click here to watch it online:
Clever, eh?!
You might think it strange, but it works AMAZINGLY well. The brownies were gooey, tasty, and lower fat because of it! (And no, you couldn't detect even the slightest trace of applesauce taste).
My hubby not only gave the brownies two enthusiastic thumbs up, but since I had the applesauce on-hand, it saved me $50. Tires screech. Glass breaks. Fifty bucks? What?
Why $50? Because if you run to the store for a carton of eggs, or one gallon of milk, or whatever that “one item” is…you inevitably walk out with $50 in groceries that you suddenly “need-to-grab-because-you-might-as-well-since-you're-here-and-don't-want-to-have-to-come-back-to-the-store” kind of groceries!
Yeah, you know the kind.
P.S…that's a big no-no! Follow your simple envelope budget so you don't splurge on unnecessary groceries!
Moral of the story? Remember my FACT's of saving. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that you need to BUY something, GET CREATIVE and find a way to do without spending any money! If you start living your life this way, you too will be a FCF Queen before you know it. 🙂
P.S…my hubby, the ultimate brownie connoisseur, couldn't tell any difference so I didn't tell him about the applesauce until he was 1/2 way through eating his brownies. Magic, I'm telling you.

What substitutions in baking have YOU used before? Leave a comment and share!