I NEEDED THIS! How to shop at Costco and buy bulk without losing your whole paycheck! So many good tips!

iiiiiiiit's OCTOBER! I am so. dang. excited for this month. Not only because it means gobs of candy, cooler weather, and my kitchen renovation that I've been waiting 1.5 years for, but mostly because it's #STOCKTOBER! (Stocktober, get it)

What they hey-ho is #Stocktober, do you ask?

In case you missed it, September was dubbed “#Shelftember“…forever known as the month where the world was first introduced to Shelf Cooking. Which, by the way, is basically taking the world by storm. No, really. We have 5,000 people who joined our Shelf Cooking community Facebook group in a matter of days, over 2,000 #Shelftember posts on social media from Freebs, and testimonials that would blow your mind! If you haven't jumped on the trend, you really need to! (Get all the details about Shelf Cooking and the #Shelftember Challenge HERE.) To summarize, all September long we lived off of only $25 per week in fresh groceries, and otherwise cooked using what we already have in our fridge, freezer, and pantry.

(Pssst… Have you checked out ShelfCooking.com yet? Our brand new site is dedicated to helping you make delicious, homemade, down-home-cooked meals for your family without spending too much time in the kitchen! Basically every parent's dream, right? Join our Shelf Cooking Community today!)

It was a great way to re-train our brains to start FIRST with what we have, cook from scratch, and plan our meals more carefully. And now that our brains are hard-wired to cut back on waste and get creative with existing ingredients in our house, time to introduce…

The #Stocktober Challenge!

All October long we are going to go back to our regular grocery budgets (which, if you remember is $100/person in your family per month, starting at $300…and then break that down per week, explained in the video below). BUT…the challenge is that each week, HALF of your grocery budget will go toward items that can be stored and used at a later date.

For example…

If you have 4 people in your family, that's 4x$100 = $400 per month for groceries, or more importantly, $100 per week (since we divide your budget by 4 weeks in the month).

So with that $100 per week, you divide it in half…so $50 goes toward groceries and/or consumables to use right away, and the other $50 can only be spent on items to store and use down the road.

Sounds easy, does it?

Nope. It's not. I promise it's not.

It SOUNDS easy, but there's a lot of strategy that goes into buying bulk, storing, saving, and stocking up…on a tight budget. Have no fear, I'm a pro (I've been doing this my entire adult life if you couldn't tell by my freezer tour video) and am excited to share all my tips and secret sauce with you!

First things first, Bubba and I sat down for Q&A Tuesday and did a full video about #Stocktober, stocking up, buying bulk (aka shopping at Costco) on a budget, and much more. Check it out first, then come back for more links, tips, and info about the FREEZER I'm giving away!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

So what do you think, are you in??

It's going to be amazing! Not only will you have PLENTY of money each week for groceries and consumables to use right away, but by the end of the month you will have a gorgeous stockpile of food and consumables to swing you in the future when it's either 1) not in your budget, 2) you don't have time to run to the store, or 3) it's not on sale and you don't want to waste money paying full-price for something! Not to mention bonus >>>> 4) it will help protect and supply your family with necessities when a natural disaster or hard life circumstance hits.

I NEEDED THIS! How to shop at Costco and buy bulk without losing your whole paycheck! So many good tips!

Here are helpful links for Stocktober and the links mentioned in the video:

  • Grocery budget system – My super duper simple (grocery) budgeting system has gone viral half a dozen times for a reason. It's works! And it's really THAT EASY. Perfect way to track your grocery budget so check it out HERE.
  • Divide and conquer – as mentioned in the video, you need to divide up spending responsibilities! See how to do this HERE.
  • Zaycon – this is my new obsession for buying bulk meat. They did NOT ask me to say this, this is 100% my find, my opinion. Their prices are amazing and it's a great way to get quality meat, affordably, in bulk. Again, see how this looks in my freezers here.
  • All things Costco! As mentioned in the video, I'm a bit of a Costco expert around these parts. Get all my best tips and trips on my Costco page.

Here's a graphic you can save to your phone and post on social media to enter to win ANOTHER freezer at the end of October! (Details below.)

Stocktober challenge! How to buy bulk and stock up ON A BUDGET! This is amazing!

Now, let's win a freezer!

I'm giving away another freezer this month, just like I did for #Shelftember. All you need to do is post about your #Stocktober experiences, finds, and participation on social media using the hashtag “#Stocktober” and be sure to TAG ME or else I won't see the post. I'll pick someone at random to win a freezer and will ship it directly to your house!

As for the September freezer giveaway…

I gave a freezer away to a lucky Freeb at random who participated in the #Shelftember challenge and posted about it online (winner will be announced very soon!). I didn't want to exclude anyone who has a private social media profile or chooses not to be on social media (good on ya!), so me being Jordan and being prone to gluttonous behaviors…

I've decided to give away ANOTHER September freezer!

Yes ma'am (…or sir?) you read that right!

Because of the reasons I just mentioned above, I'm giving EVERYONE a chance to win this awesome 5.1 cubic ft chest freezer:

Freezer giveaway

I'm buying it off of Amazon so it can be mailed directly to your house. It's a great size to put in your garage, guest room, fruit room, even on your back porch as mentioned in the video above!

Entering is super easy. Just click this link or use the widget below. Giveaway will end Thursday at 11:59pm MDT so don't delay!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and can't wait to do Stocktober with y'all!

I NEEDED THIS! How to shop at Costco and buy bulk without losing your whole paycheck! So many good tips!

What do you say…are you in??