Yesterday I got to do another Steals and Deals segment on Studio 5. It was a fun one, with AMAZING deals this time around.
Go ahead and watch the segment below, or click HERE to watch it online:

Here's the article that I wrote to go along with the segment. Enjoy!As the Holidays approach there are a number of inevitable things on all of our minds…

Finding gifts.
Looking good while doing it.
…and getting everything done ON A DIME!
Not easy, folks.
Today I'm here to help you with affordable solutions to your holidays needs by bringing you some amazing STEALS and DEALS.
Steal #1: $6 Skinny Jeans

Believe it or not, this trend is hotter than ever! Though summer has ended, stylish colored and printed skinny jeans are sill around with a vengeance. I have heard many complaints from women who would love to stock up on this fun trend, but don't want to permanently damage their wallet.

I found these incredible colored and printed jeans at Nordstrom Rack for…
…are you ready?…
Less than $10 each!!
(with the exception of one, sorry I cheated…)
Right now Nordstrom Rack has racks…and racks…and racks of these fun jeans (in every size imaginable), all on clearance. While some are still $70+, many (if not most) can be found for $20 or less.

All but one in that entire stack (pictured above) was less than $10 each.**Note: While inventory is different at every NR (just like it is at TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.)…the Nordstrom Rack I went to is in Sandy, UT and they informed me that many other Nordstrom Racks should have the same pants marked down in.

Let me break them down…
Note: Very similar grey ones are for sale in Norstrom right now for $64, see HERE.
So you see, you can still be in-trend and not pay a lot! Whether these are for you, or a gift for a friend, these pants are certainly a steal AND deal.
Here's a trick to stretching your dollar at Nordstrom Rack:
We all know that store credit cards are a big NO NO! However…did you know that Nordstrom offers a store Debit Card? It's great because it:
1. Doesn't hit your credit,
2. Runs through your already existing debit card (mine, for example, is through Chase)
3. Gives you perks and store cash just like a store credit card would do!
I bought these jeans and some layering tee's at NRack, and for signing up got triple points on my purchase. I will be getting a $20 gift card in the mail in less than 5 days. It's that easy! It took me about 5 minutes at the register, WON'T affect my credit, and is a great perk.
Extra good news is that they are offering double points on Nov 1&2, and on Black Friday.
Get more info about this HERE (
Steal #2: Free Baby Gifts
In Utah especially, I'm sure we ALL know someone who
A) is pregnant, or
B) just had a baby.
Baby gifts are in high demand around here, and sometimes they are HIGH in price! Here are some exclusive steals being offered to Studio 5 viewers, so you can get FREE baby products to give away (or keep for yourself), all you cover is S&H costs:
1. Seven Slings: FREE baby sling.
Just for the record, I have one of these and it absolutely SAVES MY LIFE!
Here's how to get the deal:
  • Go to their website (
  • Choose the style and size you want (if you aren't sure which size to get, just choose a middle size),
  • Enter the code STUDIO5 at checkout,
  • And it will bring the price down from $39.95 to just $11.96 for S&H!
2. Udder Covers: FREE nursing cover.
I also have one of these…a MUST HAVE for a new mom!
Here's how to get the deal:
  • Go to their website (
  • Choose the style and quantity you want,
  • Enter the code STUDIO5 at checkout,
  • And it will bring the price down from $34.95 to just $11.95 for S&H!
3. Carseat Canopy: FREE Car seat cover
Shocking, I know…but I also have one of these. A HUGE must, especially in the winter.
Here's how to get the deal:
  • Go to their website (
  • Choose the style or package you want,
  • Enter the code STUDIO5 at checkout,
  • And it will bring the price down from $49.95 to just $12.95 for S&H!

Stock up on these while the pricing is hot, and you'll never have to run to the store and over-pay for a baby gift ever again.
You're welcome 🙂

Steal #3: DIRT CHEAP Spices and Seasonings

This time of year equates to a lot of eating, which means a LOT of cooking. My first few years of marriage I was shocked at how expensive spices can be! Luckily I found a steal for you that will save your dollar this year.

WinCo has a great bulk food section. They sell anything from yeast and flour by, to candy, granola and cereal, and yes, even spices by the pound.

Here are some examples of the deals you will find on those holiday spices we are all in need of:
Compared to the McCormick spices (one of the most common brands on the market), WinCo's bulk section BLOWS them out of the water!
I also got bulk brown sugar for $0.75/lb, whereas it's about $1.25/lb at the grocery store. Loving it!!
I bought the blank seasoning containers for around $1 each at WinCo, or you can refill your existing empty containers.
So next time you run out of spices consider running to WinCo's bulk food section FIRST to restock your supply. Now your mouth AND your wallet can enjoy making fresh desserts all season long 🙂

**NOTE: Updated tip from a reader (who just happens to be my awesome Aunt Lynne…)
“Spices in the nicely shaped bottles and even in the tacky plastic ones can really be expensive.  You often can find the same herbs and spices in the latino section of the supermarket for a fraction of the cost.   Example:  bay leaves (Turkish bay leaves in the glass bottle) can run over six dollars – but in the ethnic section they run less than two and you get tons.  I sorted through them, filled my empty bottle with the sizes that would fit, and stored the many left-over ones in a plastic bag.”

Thanks for the additional tip, Lynne!

Steal #4: Discounted Krispy Kremes

Who doesn't love Krispy Kremes? I know I do, but I also know I sure don't like paying $8+ for a dozen of them! Well, here's a fun steal for you.

If you go to Krispy Kreme after 5pm, participating locations will sell you a
dozen donuts from their morning batch for just $3!
You will most likely get the original glazed, but hey, those are my favorite anyway.
One tip: Just call first before making the drive over to see if they have any left.
Last time I went it was after a football game on a busy Saturday night (the line was out the door) and they had stacks of them leftover. However, call first just to be safe 🙂

I, being a Krispy Kreme fan, have learned that KK's are good even when they are DAYS old. You just pop them in the microwave for 8-10 seconds and voila! Good as new. Mmmm…I can taste them already…

Steal #5: Free Photo Calendar

My husband's family makes a photo calendar for Grandma every year, without fail. This year…why not make one for FREE!

Vistaprint is offering their photo calendars for free for a limited time, you just pay $4.34 for shipping. This is a great way to capture memories into a gift that someone can enjoy – quite literally – all year long!

See HERE for details (see my update below, looks like you need to use the UK website but it works just fine.)

There has been feedback that the calendar is NOT free at checkout. A few tips. One, make sure you aren't accruing any additional fees by using advanced backgrounds, etc. Just make sure you're selecting their free, basic stuff when ordering. Also, a reader on my Facebook page said this:

“I could not make it work for free either. I ended up googling free vista print calendar. It took me to the vistaprint uk website and it was free there. Apparently you can use the uk site in the USA”

So hopefully that helps!


So, there you have it. Hopefully these Steals and Deals will help ease your worry and stress this holiday season. Happy shopping!