Today I did my “Feeding a crowd on a cheap” segment for Studio 5. 
It was so fun! 
This is my favorite. Darin's face is priceless here 🙂
While I was there, they had me do a second, smaller segment on…
Yup, ice.
(They didn't post the segment online because it was a mini segment, so here's my own personal video of the shoot. Click HERE to watch it online.)

I know, I know, seems boring. But hear me out, ice is an integral part of your party planning!
When keeping your wallet in check with party food, one tip I have is:
It's ok! No need to make an expensive party drink! Just serve water and spice it up a little. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Once again, here are the cute ice cube trays from Ikea that I used, $0.99 each.
I like the cheap-o Walmart brand of crystal lite. I pur some into my ice molds to flavor them. If you do lemonade, add some lemon zest. Today I did lime margarita flavor and added lime zest.
I add water to the trays, then sprinkle the mix directly in the tray so it's nice and strong. Don't want to dilute it too much because it's going to melt into water and get diluted a ton!
See how pretty they turn out?
Chop up fruit and put it in your ice molds. I did blueberries and strawberries because it's what I had on-hand, but get creative!
I like the rod shape molds because not only can it go in water bottles, 
but it can also go in any glass like a delicious stirring stick!
Make a display of all different flavors for people to choose from. Buy a cheap case of water bottles, and let your guests chill and flavor them with ease using flavored rods!
They look really neat as they start to melt and disperse around your glass.
 There are tons of ice molds out there. Add a little flavor, a little fruit, and make a cute display, and suddenly your water is the hit of the party. 

Who knew, right??
Happy partying 🙂