Save money at the dentist
Today's post is is inspired by THIS one (posted way back when). It was one tip on how to save money at the dentist. I decided to amp it up a bit, if you will, and I've added a few more tips. Enjoy!
Spend less at the dentist:
  • When you need a dentist, go to and consider finding a dentist-supervised dental student. It will cost dramatically less.
  • Go to dental schools for free cleaning and exams. Your appointment might take a little longer, but is worth the savings.
  • Understand that dentists are trained to up-sell. A few of my husband's best friends recently graduated from dental school. They ALL said how shocked they were to learn how much sales is involved in dentistry. They work on straight-commission; if they aren't working on a patient, they aren't getting paid. My husband does sales for a living, there is nothing wrong with a salesman! It's just important to understand that dentists need to sell to make a living, too. One of my husband's friends in particular said they train them intensely on the “up-sell”. “There are three types of crown, but this is the one I recommend because it will last longer and look better…” and it just so happens to be the most expensive one. Be sure to
    • A) get a second opinion, or
    • B) simply keep that in mind when you're at the dentist and try not to get up-sold!
  • Use coupons and deals. I get deals ALL the time in the mail from local dentists. There are also daily deals that offer dentist deals all the time. Use my daily deal list for ideas as to where to start. They will get you into their office for a great price in the hope that:
    • A) you will become a forever client, and
    • B) that they will find something that needs fixing.
  • Ask what things cost BEFORE getting them done! Find out how much a cleaning, exam, xray, filling, ANYTHING costs before going to the dentist. Which then leads to the next tip…
  • Negotiate pricing. Simply say, “that's not in my budget” or “is there any way to bring that cost down so it's more affordable for my family?” or “Is that the best pricing available? Is there anything you can do?” Most dentists (and doctors too!) are more than willing to cut you a deal, simply for asking.
  • Prevention is key. Floss, brush, take care of those teeth of yours…you want to keep them for a very, very long time!
Those are a few quick tips for affordable ways to keep those pearly-whites sparkling!
Thanks to this article for some of the tips