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I'm still out of the country, so I asked our good friend Lindsay from One Beautiful Home Blog to share this AMAZING workbook she created! Getting out of debt is so important. When Bubba and I got out of debt it really was a pivot point for us. We were finally able to focus on getting AHEAD, not just getting BY. Please read Lindsay's story carefully and USE THIS WORKBOOK! It really will help hold your hand through figuring out the beast we call debt. But don't take my word for it…take it away Lindsay!

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My name is Lindsay and I blog over at One Beautiful Home Blog, where I share Resources for a happier home. I am excited to be here sharing our debt free journey with all of you while Jordan is on vacation. I'm happy to be offering my awesome 2015 Soon-To-Be Debt Free workbook to all of you!!

My husband (Scott) and I have been together for 8 years and many would consider us an average American family, financially. We purchased a house within our means, had a few thousand in the bank. As far as debts go had car payments and our mortgage, along with about 20,000 is student loan debt but NO credit card debt. After getting married we had a baby and moved— our debts moved with us. We thought we were “living the life” Two year after that (2013) my husband went back to school and obtained his Executive MBA. Upon his graduation we were not longer “living the life” our student loan debt went from 20,000 to over 100,000, in a blink of an eye! Our monthly payment was is significantly more than our mortgage payment every month! *YIKES*. Thankfully I have been following Jordan for years and I know that Debt does not have to be a life sentence!

However, I did not really start making a plan of attack until the day I received the following message from an online debt payoff calculator:

I had put our student loan information into the calculator and that is what it told me. Simply – it was going to take us over 25 years to payoff our student loan debt if we just paid the minimum… after 25 years of payments your student loan debt is forgiven..that is why it says it would never be paid off, since it would take more than the 25 year cap.

This was pretty much my reaction:


Seriously though, I sat staring at my computer screen, I felt physically ill, scared, and completely overwhelmed. Again, our minimum payment is MORE than our stinking house payment. I could not stop thinking about what we could do with that amount of money every month if we were not putting it at this debt that “Will never be paid off”. We could pay for our sons colleges, we could travel the world, we could start a foundation, the possibilities were endless, if we could only get rid of this debt.

So I sat down for the next 4+ hours and scrutinized every.single.bill we had. – and then I came up with a plan of attack to get rid of this debt ASAP. Right now if we do not make a single cent more, and never ever increase our snowball amount we will have these student loans paid off in 8 years. 8 years still seems like a long time but it sure has heck beats “never”. We plan on working harder and doing more to get them paid of even sooner. And when they are officially paid off? I am totally having a celebration where I burn our student loan statements!

Once I had my plan I sat down at my computer and made forms that when complied formed my 2015 Soon-To-Be Debt Free Workbook! This way other people can create their own plans and debt free timelines, so they too can hopefully have a celebration where they get to burn their statements. 😉

{ 2015 Soon-To-Be Debt Free Workbook }

2015 debt free workbook - Download this FREE 37+ page workbook that will help you and your family with Budgeting, Tracking your budget, Saving for emergencies, Getting out of debt!!Click Here to Download!

Included in this 37+ page workbook are the following forms:

  • A Year of Saving
  • Paycheck Schedule – Where you will mark when you'll be getting paid for the ENTIRE year
  • Balanced Budget- Two forms that will set you up with a budget that is balanced and doable. These forms even come with suggested percentages for each category from Dave Ramsey!
  • Paycheck Budgeting
  • Bill Payment Tracker for the year
  • Irregular Income – Do you have an income that you do not rely on to pay the bills, and is completely irregular (I do!). If so, then this page is for you! You can set up payoff goals for your irregular income.
  • Snowball Calculator – LETS PAY OFF OUR DEBTS!
  • Spouses Monthly Budget Check-In – January through December 2015

I use this workbook all year long. It is used when Scott and I sit down to discuss where we are financially. This workbook has ensured that we have never had a late payment since its original creation, but best of all this workbook motivates us to pay down our debts!

If you are new to this workbook, I suggest you check out this post to see how the Spouses Monthly Budget Check-In works.

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Thanks for having me!!