Funnest money-saving conference EVER! Tickets are only $10.99 with the code TRYME, hurry!

Hey Freebs! Wanted to pop in quickly to remind you of the Budget Boot Camp '16 Conference (BBC'16) being held in Utah THIS Saturday (January 23)! We had 130 seats available and we are down to our final few, so I wanted to pop in and remind anyone who was on the fence. For those who are unfamiliar, it's a conference I hold every year for my Freebs (formerly called Frugality Boot Camp), and is a great way for me to teach some of my best financial principles in person, answer questions, and get to know you all better!

Before I tell you all the reasons why you should come hang out with me (and Bubba!) on Saturday, I wanted to let you in on a little secret that you might not have seen on Instagram

BBC pre-sale

I came back to my email after closing the $99 pre-sale sale to a flood of requests for another sale on my new Budget Boot Camp program. I understand that it's a big chunk of change and trust me, I'm sensitive to that! I thought long and hard about it over the weekend and here's what we will do. I can't go back to $99, that deal was a one-time thing. And the full price is $299 so it needs to settle back there at some point. But I know some of you might need a little time to save up for this since it's a hard time of year (#HolidayWalletHangover anyone??). So we can extend the pre-sale until Jan 28 (almost 2 weeks) at $129, just $30 more! (And don't forget this also includes a free ticket for you and your spouse to my BBC'16 conference in Utah this Saturday, more details on that below!!) Then I will incrementally raise the price every 2 weeks to give you guys time to save up if needed, while still benefitting those who take the plunge and buy early! I hope this helps my Freebs out!

Pre-order budget boot camp!

Even better news…the website and program will be ready to fire off very soon! I'm thinking 1 more week, maybe 2 to be safe. But those who pre-order will get the best deal and will get first access, so don't delay!! *HAPPY DANCE*

Here's what Budget Boot Camp is all about in case you're curious:

Now on to our BBC'16 Conference and why you should come if you're local!

  • It won't eat up your entire Saturday. It's from 1pm – 5pm so you don't have to give up your ENTIRE Saturday to come! But since we are removing all the fluff, you will still get just as much education and interaction with yours truly, without having to get a sitter aaaaaaaaaaall day.
  • It's only $10.99 (reg $15.99) with the code TRYME! You'd probably spend more than that at lunch, so why not get hours of learning out of it?!
  • Husbands are FREE! That's right, folks! Talking about finances with your husband (or spouse) is so much more effective, I'm doing everything I can to get your hubby there right along with you. Who can argue with free?? All you need to do is purchase a ticket for yourself, then register him separately with the code HUSBAND to get 100% off his ticket.

boot camp1

  • BUBBA will be there! And who doesn't love Bubba? Plus, when Bubba's around that might just mean the return of MAN CAMP, where men get private time with Bubba without us wives around, so they can talk about manly things like hunting…and burping…and how to talk about money with their wives without making them cry…important things like that.
  • YOU decide the topics that will be covered! This year there are no breakout classes, keynote speakers, or fancy frillery. Just you, and me baby! I will send out a survey this week to everyone who has registered, and YOU get to vote on the topics you want covered. Come with questions and get ready to learn!
  • It's the perfect way to get some of the best info from my Budget Boot Camp program and “try” the principles (hence the TRYME promo code) without investing in the entire program.


  • MACU experts will be there to help! MACU is generously welcoming us to their (GORGEOUS) facility to hold the conference, which is why tickets are able to be so affordable. They are working on getting us some experts to be there on Saturday to help anyone who needs help with questions or needs. We might even have someone there to help with Tax questions! Keep checking back on Facebook, we will announce more details as it gets closer. In the meantime, here's a little about them:

Mountain America Credit Union’s purpose is to help members enjoy a good life by providing them a positive incentive to save and manage their finances. We also give members easy access to their accounts and allow them to control their funds in a variety of ways, including ATMs, online home banking, mobile banking, direct deposit, Touch-Tone Teller, automatic payment options and access through a large branch network. When making decisions, we always put members' needs first. It's just the way we do business and a part of the “people helping people” philosophy of credit unions.

  • And Lastly…IT'S FUN! …and there will probably be a dance party at some point. Don't believe me? See HERE for a teaser of our last Boot Camp's dance off, and see a recap of our last Boot Camp HERE.

Budget Boot Camp

Whatever your reason for coming, I hope you snag one of the last seats before they are gone. It really is a great time, so I hope to see you Saturday!