Starting in the Spring, Saturdays are my favorite day of the week because of YARD SALES! (I am the ultimate Yard Sale Ninja after all, remember?)

I've shared with you the details of how I go yardsaling and how to throw a successful yard sale, so I thought it was about time to prove my successes! I'll share some of my favorite finds with you throughout the summer in hopes it inspires YOU TOO!
People are usually shocked when they walk through my house and learn that (not actually exaggerating for once in my life) almost every decoration we have in our home is from yard sales.

Here are some of my finds from that last two weeks:

I got this cute night stand for $20 for the baby's room.

 I got these drawers for $2 or $3 each, for our garage which we are currently overhauling (more on that soon!)

I got probably 40 children's books, for $1 TOTAL!

I got this bench for $8. All we had to do was wipe it down with a rag to clean it up (with “help” from the kiddos of course)

And had to put some wood glue on one of the legs that was a bit rickety.

Caught red-handed, Priya!

 My hubby sprayed it white in about 10 minutes,

And Voila!

I got this marble run for $1, my kids LOVE it.

This past Saturday I only had about 40 minutes to go, so I only made 2 stops…but check out what I found!

I got these HUGE trunks, storage for blankets. $5 each.

Literally as tall as my 3 year old! huge!

I got this hutch and mirror for $20 (it opens up and has tons of storage – always a plus), and the window mirror for $3

I got all these boy/baby boy coats for $2 or $3 each, many of them are Gap and Old Navy.

I got this brand new Charlotte Russe coat for me, $2…tags still attached!

Great stuff, eh?

And those are only a FEW of the things I found!

How I budget for yardsaling:

Here's how we budget for yardsaling and tips and tricks for making it successful:

  • In terms of budgeting for yard sales, it technically should come out of your Other Budget. For us, we choose to give me some extra money each week (OUTSIDE of my typical budget) for yardsaling since my “Other Budget” is purposefully tight.
  • We keep an envelope of cash on-hand. I simply grab it and go! We randomly put cash in it throughout the year, so that by summer time it's full and I can spread it out to find some great stuff for our house. It might be getting cash-back on a purchase at the store, leftover birthday money, or random cash that my husband seems to accumulate in his wallet somehow. It might only be $5 or $10 here or there, or maybe $50 if we have a great budget week or if I make a little extra money from blogging. We just chip away at it and it adds up pretty well over 12 months.
  • Giving it a weekly budget would be tough for me. Some days I come home only spending $1, and other days it might be $100 because I found an amazing patio furniture set. So it's helpful for me to have an envelope of cash that has already been set aside, doesn't eat up my budget, and when it's gone, it's gone!
  • Keep a running total on the outside of your envelope and mark off each time you spend money so you know how much is left, much like my weekly budgeting system. So I'm motivated to focus only on stuff we could really use.
  • You want to make sure to focus on the money on things you really need, so MAKE A PRIORITY LIST! Carry it with you so you don't get side-tracked by stuff that might be an awesome deal, but that you don't need right now. It also keeps you from getting overwhelmed because you have a purpose and goal in your shopping. 
  • Don't buy it if you can't physically picture a place for it in your house! Pre-measure spaces in your home and take a tape-measure with you so you don't make any mis-purchases.

Simple tips, but they make all the difference!

Have YOU gone yardsaling lately?
Post some of your finds! Follow along on instagram by adding the hashtag #funcheaporfree.
Can't wait to see what YOU find!