Shopping Online: What To Look For in Clothing and Accessories so you actually love what you buy! From

One of the main questions I get asked is about FRUGAL FASHION! Freebs want to know how to look good on a serious budget. It's no secret that much of my wardrobe I have bought online (aside from yard sales). With 4 little kids I just don't have time to go to stores any more! But for many of us shopping online is INTIMIDATING, especially because return policies can be a nightmare. What if it doesn't fit right? Doesn't look good? Isn't nice quality once I get it? The struggle is real.

I teamed up with, an online shopping marketplace I L-O-V-E. Vendors and boutiques from all over sell their items on Jane, so the inventory is abundant and always changing. The prices are FAB, which makes my heart sing. A few weeks ago I shopped their entire site and picked a variety of items that stood out to me for various reasons. They sent me the items so I could do a video to show you exactly WHY I picked them, WHAT I look for, and HOW I'm able to buy things online and almost always have it fit well and look good! I even touch on shopping for kids clothes, accessories, and little gadgets to make sure there was something for everyone in this video!

(Psst see how I fit shopping into my budget HERE!)

Now, on with the tips!

Watch the video online, or watch below:

So there you go! That's a handful of different items that I would spend my money on any day (which is exactly why my closet is full of items just like that). To summarize, here are some things I look for in clothes and accessories when shopping online:

  • Mix-and-match: can be paired with different pieces in different ways; makes for an unlimited wardrobe!
  • Loose-fitting (on purpose)
  • Good length (not too short or cropped)
  • Sleeves that can be scrunched or rolled in case they aren't long enough (or are too long)
  • Neutral colors are my jam (they go with ANYTHING!)
  • Girl dresses (and nice kid clothes in general): Something they can grow into and wear for longer than a few months, non-satin or silk, not too trendy of a style so it can be passed down from kid to kid.
  • Accessories: under $20, and if it's a staple piece (like a watch) I look for neutral and a style that would go with any outfit
  • Gadgets: Under $20, and I look for something that would be a great gift to have on-hand for someone.

Hopefully that was helpful in some way or another!

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Have a great Thursday!