Good news, folks! I got an exclusive discount for all you lovely readers…
because that's what I do for those I love.

I have mentioned in posts before the Seven Peaks water park Pass of All Passes that my family buys every year (see HERE for example).  This is not only an unlimited pass to BOTH Seven Peaks water parks, but also gives you:

  • FREE Real SL soccer tickets (national champs, whaaaaat?)
  • FREE Grizzlies hockey tickets
  • FREE Utah Blaze arena football tickets
  • FREE tickets to motocross, drag racing, and other racing events
  • FREE plays, concerts, and other activities
  • FREE unlimited access to many fun centers throughout Utah including all Trafalga's
  • FREE ice skating at Peaks Arena
  • FREE tickets to SL Bee's baseball games
  • FREE entrance into all UVU athletics,
…and more. Not even kidding.

We didn't make it to the water park one single time this year and we still got our money's worth by taking advantage of all the other freebies.

We bought our passes last year for $29.95 per person, and that was a killer deal (reg. $49.95). Well guess what?…wait for it…

For FCF READERS ONLY you can get this pass for just $19.95 until Sunday, September 23rd! (Click HERE to get yours)

Freaking out like when Oprah gave away cars!!
YOU get a pass! YOU get a pass! YOU get a pass!
Wheew. I'm tired. 

This was given to me personally by the GM of City Deals (owners of 7 peaks) himself. Here's what he had to say:

“Here is the link for you to share for the hidden $19.95 Pass of all Passes offer.  Just a few things you may want to be aware of.  This is not only good for a pass for someone that may not have one but it is also good for a renewal.  If you purchased a pass in July of 2012 and it expires in one year on July of 2013 purchasing a new pass will extend your pass for another year so in this case to July 2014.  So definitely great value in that it can extend the current expiration date of your pass one additional year.  So share the fun and thank you for putting this out to your subscribers.  We hope they love it.”

 Yes, Kurt, we do love it.  
P.S…Don't live in Utah? Know someone that does?
How great of a gift idea would this be?!
Christmas is only 3 months away, people.
…panic sets in…

So there you have it!
Click HERE to buy yours before they go back up in price. Enjoy 🙂