summer hiatus

I feel like I've just woken up from a 3 month nap, stretched for the first time in ages, popped the creaks out of my bones, and am ready. to. PARTY. As it happens every year, I get restless in the summer and take my annual summer hiatus to kick off the old routine and just enjoy my summer.


As it happens every year, September rolls around and the routine-Nazi in me breaks it's chains and unleashes itself after being restrained for 3 long months, ready to get a handle on life again. Boy, do I love that routine-Nazi. Really, you have to admit…

…being on a solid routine just feels good, doesn't it?

After 3 straight weeks of family in town/being on vacation + a long summer of laziness I'm excited to get back to consistency: chores, behavior charts, cleaning/organizing my house, cooking healthy/meal planning, being on track of my budgets better, regular exercise, school, and – brace yourself – regularly posting on this blog again. *audible gasps from the crowd*

Since September is “Focus on Learning” month in our Focused in '14 monthly challenges, I've decided to really make learning/organization/routine my focus for the month (obviously). Follow along with me as I share with you all the ways I'm getting focused this month, and getting (and keeping) my life in order.  Something specific you want to see? Leave a comment and let me know! And remember to follow along on Instagram and Pinterest too, where you'll find regular tips and snippets of my life that you won't see on the blog, as well as other helpful tips.


Who else is ready to shake off the summer cobwebs and get this “Focus on Learning” party started??

Let's party

Party on, wild ones.