My friend (and reader) Lilian texted me pictures of a successful price-matching grocery shopping trip she did last night.

By using my grocery shopping method  (finding the best deals for the week at Deals To Meals then price-matching all those deals at Walmart) she got an entire week's groceries for just $58! And no, we don't clip coupons around here.


As you can tell, no, these aren't processed junk foods either.


See, it's not just me that can do this! This was only her 3rd or 4th time price-matching, and she's already a seasoned pro! She told me her budget goal for her family was to only spend $50/week on groceries. Since mine is $125, I told her she was crazy, but to try. Well, Lilian, i'm eating crow – you're doing amazingly well!

See how I grocery shop HERE, and remember to SAY NO TO 7 this week!