See, it’s not just me!


My friend (and reader) Lilian texted me pictures of a successful price-matching grocery shopping trip she did last night.

By using my grocery shopping method  (finding the best deals for the week at Deals To Meals then price-matching all those deals at Walmart) she got an entire week's groceries for just $58! And no, we don't clip coupons around here.


As you can tell, no, these aren't processed junk foods either.


See, it's not just me that can do this! This was only her 3rd or 4th time price-matching, and she's already a seasoned pro! She told me her budget goal for her family was to only spend $50/week on groceries. Since mine is $125, I told her she was crazy, but to try. Well, Lilian, i'm eating crow – you're doing amazingly well!

See how I grocery shop HERE, and remember to SAY NO TO 7 this week!




  1. AvatarHeather says

    Do you have any experience with price matching at Target? The policies seem very similar ( with the exception of having to have the ad in hand. I can’t tell from the verbiage whether they do it at the check out or at customer service? I was hoping I could price match easily at Target for several reasons: 1) It is my regular store 2) I do enjoy saving with coupons and they have TONS of store coupons and a coupon mobile app (Cartwheel) 3) Automatic 5% off with the RedCard – can’t beat that with rewards! 4). The Walmarts in my area are EXACTLY like Seriously.

    I would love to hear your experience or any reader’s experience!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      That’s a good question. I’ve never tried because Target’s food section is pretty minimal, and that’s 90% of what I shop for when I go to the grocery store. I’ve heard some people say they tried it and it was a nightmare because you have to check out first, then take your receipt to customer service and have them correct it line by line. Not sure if that’s correct, that’s just what I’ve heard. Something to look in to for sure! If you try it, will you let me know how it goes? Thanks! XOXO

      • AvatarHeather says

        Hmm…not sure if I will go to that much trouble. The customer service at my local store has always been really good (I am a frequent returner too!), but the cashiers are sometimes act inconvenienced when I have coupons even though I have them all organized and ready to go…in my mind it should be just like scanning another 10 purchased items because all they have to do is scan! I will definitely let you know if I do try it. Also, the store near me is a Super Target so the food selection is good there! It’s actually right next door to the Super Walmart, but like I said…the experience is usually far superior at Target!

  2. AvatarAshley J says

    Wow, nice! I was so proud of myself for one of my “no’s” today! Tacos were on the menu for dinner, but I realized we only have 2 tortillas left (for 3 adults & 2 children). At first I thought I needed to make a quick trip to the store……but then I realized we have all the ingredients for homemade tortillas (flour, water, oil, baking powder), and after some googling realized they’re actually not hard to make! So we still got our tacos, but they were served with fresh, warm, preservative-free homemade tortillas! The whole family loved them and I probably saved myself $20 (since its impossible to leave the store with ONLY tortillas)! Great challenge!!!!

  3. AvatarSalina says

    This is awesome and so encouraging! I just began using your budgeting, shopping, awesomeness methods this week. We are kind of improvising until the 1st of the month when we will fully dive into this. I grocery shopped at Walmart today for the first time and did some price matching. I went over what I was planning on spending but I did much better than I expected. Because ads come out Tuesday night, Wednesday morning at our Walmart is like shopping with pros, there were couponers and price matchers galore! But it made me feel better and a few were even helpful (I think I had a deer in the headlights look a couple times). I asked my checker if he gets a lot of people price matching and he said yes and that they honor everything, sadly, even when they know it’s an outright lie because of the policy saying no ad needed. He says he gets people who abuse it but it’s rare. All in all I feel much more confident that this will work. thank you for your authenticity and for sharing so others of us can learn.

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