Savvy Saturday projects: Pomander balls, heart garland, and other crafts from my TV appearance

Happy Saturday!
 Many of you know that I had a TV segment this week where I shared how to have a fun, cheap, or free Valentine's day. (Click HERE to read about and watch my [short but sweet!] segment)
As promised, below I have listed ALL the tutorials for the cutesy stuff I had on the table. Enjoy!

The anchors, fussing over my ring-pop boxes

Wrapping up the show.


  Here are the tutorials for everything you see on the table!

1. 100 Reasons why I love you frame: I did this for my brothers for Christmas. I centered a photo in a Word document, made 4 separate text boxes and filled them with words, printed it on nice cardstock, and there you go! I put them in nice Costco frames (2 for $14 and come with a 100 free prints coupon). They were touched, and it was one of the best gifts I have ever given. 
2. Flower pomanders: Got these at a yard sale for $1 ea. They are just heart-shaped foam forms with silk flowers stuck in them. I have them scattered all over my house for Vday.
3. Heart garland: I used THIS same tutorial, only this time, with hearts. I had my 2yr old help me decorate some hearts.

Ollie even felt the love…

After decorating I gathered the hearts and laid them out. After a while I just started grabbing randomly from the pile and honestly, either way looks about the same.
You take your hearts and simply sew! Run your machine for a second, then put a heart under the foot, just like you would fabric.
*Note: unlike the picture, I recommend sewing through the hearts sideways. That way when you string the garland up, the hearts are facing the proper direction.

You literally sew through the paper. So easy! After you sew through the heart, run the machine for a few seconds then insert another heart. Repeat, then simply cut the thread when you're done.
The result is a cute string of garland!

4. Ring Pop Boxes and Favors: I made these originally as prizes for a bridal shower. However, the shower was cancelled because the wedding was called off. 
Thus, I decided to use them as Valentine's day favors! Here's how I did it:
I bought a bag of 4 ring pops for $1 from the dollar store. After I made that purchase, though, I found a big box of like 25-ish for $4.99 at Walmart, so that was a better deal. Oh well.

I couldn't find the type of party favor boxes I wanted at the dollar store, so I bought a couple of these snow globe things instead (from the dollar store). 
*Note, I wouldn't recommend paying $1 per party favor, but I was doing these for game prizes for the shower so I figured $1 per prize was just fine.

I took apart the snow globe box,

And cut a little slit in the plastic case that held the snow globe. 

I stuck the ring in it.
I put some package filler in the bottom, put the ring on top of that, then re-wraped the box. 
Voila! Beauty!

And now my son has a super cool new toy…

…with which he has no idea what to do.
As for the ring-pop favor bags…
I just used THIS tutorial and simply put a ring pop in a treat bag (bought with a coupon from Michaels) and stapled some cute scrapbook paper on top. 

 I actually ended up giving these all away after the segment, but here's a little mock-up I made real quick for this photo. The original ones were cuter because I layered multiple types of paper.

These were going to be the take-home gifts for the bridal shower.

5. Cupcake Stand: This project is SO EASY. Here's what you need:
Two plates or trays and a candle stick. Got all of mine from the dollar store.

Simply center the stick between the two trays, and glue!

I use Gorilla glue, but frankly, for whatever reason it doesn't have as strong of a hold as I thought it would have. Any other recommendations for glue?
I decided to glue the candlestick holder upside down so the narrower end was on the bottom tray, like so. It allows you to put more things on the bottom tray.

The bummer is that I dropped the tray as I walked into the studio and it broke, so it was precariously balanced during the segment. Oh well, at least it looked cute, right? 🙂 
6. Pomander Balls: I used THIS tutorial and made some tissue pomanders out of scrap tissue that was all ripped and wrinkled from a gift I got. 
I definitely did better at these my second time around. The trick I learned: don't wrap tightly! It goes much faster because each rosette is bigger, and it just looks cuter in my opinion.

I made this one out of a pack of beads I bought with a coupon from Joann Fabrics. I used an actual foam ball for this one, and just hot-glued the individual beads during a movie. I love how it turned out!
See it looking all cute and pearl-y on the table?
Warning: It gets TONS of “webs” from the hot glue gun! I don't know how to avoid this other than using a different type of glue. It was really annoying and I spent a ton of time picking all the glue webs off.
7. Chocolates: Got on crazy clearance (see HERE). Remember to take advantage of holiday clearance!
So there you have it! It was really fun, and trust me…all the projects were really easy (I don't like complicated crafts). Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. AvatarJoan says

    So many great ideas, thanks! A good glue to use for the cake pedestals is E600. They have it at Walmart in the craft aisle. It's under $3 a tube and works for outside garden stuff also. A tip for those hot glue strings is to get out a blow dryer and aim it at the project. In a very short time the threads disappear.

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