Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where I “replay” and oldie – but goodie – savings tip for you…so you don't miss out on any of the good stuff πŸ™‚
This is a tip I posted a year ago, when I first launched my new site. BOY does time fly! The good news is…I still use this tip every single day.Β 
It's withstood the test of time, and still is the only product I use on my kids' hair. Oh, and my hubby still loves it too. Enjoy!
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Use lotion as hair product

P.S…how cute is my kid?? Oh, he kills me.

I used to use my husbands' gooey, stickey, thick, nasty hair cream on my son's hair. It never worked for very long, and whenever he'd wake up for a nap his hair would be matted and stiff. I didn't want to keep buying products and testing them…so I came up with my own!

Simply use…
ready for this?…Lotion!

I use baby lotion specifically because
A) it smells great,
B) it's super soft, and
C) it's cheaper than hair product, and I already have it on hand!

And guess what? It works.

I've used typical adult lotion as well, it just doesn't work as well in my opinion. Oh, and just for the record: the other day my husband tried this method and loved it; he's now using lotion rather than sticky cream, too.

Watch this video below for the tip:

Give it a try!
Happy Thursday πŸ™‚
-Photos taken by Mal Walker, see her site HERE