Today's tip(s) are given by Lauralee from Hair Tips and Tricks. She's going to teach us all about saving money on hair care…and you might be surprised at what you learn! Enjoy 🙂

As a cosmetologist I have had friends and clients ask me how to save money on hair care without sacrificing quality. So I thought it I would share with you some tips and tricks of the trade.

First of all, please do me and your hair a favor and DO NOT buy your shampoo, conditioner or products from the grocery store!! You are NOT getting the bargain you may think.
  • The main reasons is the drug store brands have harsh chemicals that can cause dry scalp and other problems. As well as the pH levels aren't the best levels for your hair (in school we did some tests and found that some drug store brand shampoos can even be used to perm your hair! That can't be good.)
  • If you are buying professional products from the grocery store you are
    • a: paying way too much
    • b: you are fueling a grey-market industry that deals in counterfeit, stolen, or outdated merchandise.
For more information on the topic search the internet keyword: Hair Product Diversion

Now you know not get get product from the grocery store I will share with you where to get it and how to get the best prices!

Like most items you buy there are good and better times to buy hair care products. The first thing I would recommend is find a friend in the hair industry that can buy things for you. I take my friends to buy all their tools and products. Licensed professionals can get on average 50% off of retail price on products. Also ask them when there is going to be a sale. During back to school sales I have gotten litter duos of Shampoo and Condition for $15 and I have even seen the Gallon size Shampoo go on sale for $20! The supply stores do sales for most holidays too!
As far as some other products go, here are a few other cheap hair tips to keep you hair looking red carpet wonderful!
Club Soda should be your best friend, and a must have for your hair care. Use club soda when washing your hair to remove build up from shampoo, conditioner and products. I use it about once every 2-3 weeks. After you wet your hair pour some club soda all over your hair, wash it out. Then shampoo it as usual. Then pour more club soda on your hair, rinse it and condition as usual. This is cheap and it safe for color treated hair too.
Coconut Oil is as valuable as gold in my house. It serves many purposes such as a moisturizer, for food storage because it doesn't go rancid like other oils, and for scrapes and cuts instead of a triple-antibiotic cream because it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Coconut Oil is also does wonders for your hair.
Here are some of the benefits of using coconut oil for hair care:
  • Dandruff control (due to the fact that it is anti-bacterial)
  • Adds body and shine to dull lifeless hair
  • Moisturizes, softens and conditions dry hair and scalp
  • Strengthens hair from inside the shaft.
  • Prevents split ends
  • Smooths roughness in the hair
  • Increases hair growth (because of less damage and breakage)
The fact that is smells amazing doesn't hurt either!
The best type of coconut oil for your hair is virgin oil that hasn't been processed. The good thing about this is that it is very easy to find. Check the oil section of your local grocery store or health food store. The oil is inexpensive.

Here are a few FREE tips for your hair:
For added shine, after washing your hair finish off with a cold water rinse.

To reduce frizz, ditch the towel for your wet hair, leave that for your body. Instead reach for an old t-shirt or one that is in your dirty laundry basket (please don't use a shirt that is visibly dirty with something spilled on it). The fibers in body towels rough up the cuticle on your hair shafts and cause your hair to be frizzy.

Why is it important to use product?
Every hair product is formulated to help the cuticle to protect your hair better. Everything we do to our hair whether it be washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and/or protective styling are all geared toward preserving the protective layer of the hair (the cuticle). If the cuticle becomes damaged, it can never be repaired–EVER! Your only option for keeping a porous hair strand will be to use hair products and/or hairstyles that prevent further damage. Once the cuticle layer of the hair is completely depleted it will inevitably break-off.
Products not only protect your hair, they mask the damage that has been done to your hair from heat styling, sun damage, chemically processing and other elements.
Silicones, oils, and/or protein have a chemical makeup that enables them to fill the gaps of a damaged cuticle layer. Basically they allow your hair to function as though it has not been damaged and allows it the capacity to grow longer. Adding protein, silicones and/or oils can also help prevent further damage to the hair cuticle and the longer the hair stays on your head the longer it can grow. Each individual hair strand has it's own life cycle that ranges from 3-6 years, some longer and some shorter.

Products I use:

As far as shampoo and conditioner go, I do like to change it up but I am currently using Biomega and I love it!

After washing my hair, I spray on It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and a thermal protecting spray.

Then I use a dime size amount (1-2 pumps) of Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. I pump it into my hands, I then rub them together to emulsify the product and then I rake my fingers through my hair concentrating most of the product at the bottom of my hair where most of the damaged area is. The product not only smooths hair, it decreases drying time!

Depending on how I style my hair that day I also use other products in addition to the ones I listed like, root booster, hair spray, spray wax, sea salt spray, smoothing cream ect. but this post is already long enough 🙂

If you have any questions or comments about hair care, please leave a comment. I love hearing what everyone has to say!

Thanks for the tips, Lauralee! You can check out other of Lauralee's tips and tricks HERE.