I know this is long overdue, but here's my part 2 of my Super-Saving Vegas weekend! Click HERE to see part 1 of our trip. Remember to look for the “+” to see all the ways we saved!
(By the way…my husband and I don't drink so I apologize that I don't have any tips on saving on alcoholic beverages while in Vegas! I hear they are killer-expensive.)

We woke up after being pleasantly surprised at the quality of our hotel room. Though were were staying at the Riviera (for free, mind you) our room was nice!

+We made a specific point to ask for a mini fridge and a microwave. No micro, but we got the fridge.
+I packed lots of our own food so we didn't have to buy every meal. Some of the things I brought:

  • Bagels (better than regular bread because they are thicker and sturdier when packing around)
  • Lunch meat (remember how cheap I got it??)
  • Crackers
  • Milk + cereal
  • Candy & popcorn for snacks
  • The chocolate-covered strawberries that I wrote about in my first Vegas post
  • Spoons/forks/knives, tupperwear and ziplock baggies
I forgot bowls so we had to get creative when eating our cereal 🙂
+I saved my leftovers from dinner the night before and wanted to eat them for breakfast. I didn't have a microwave so I used the blow drier to heat up my pasta! It actually worked great! It took a few minutes, but it no time I had nice melty, cheesy pasta again 🙂
We got ready and enjoyed some free entertainment by watching an archery competition in our lobby.
Yes, you heard me right.
In our lobby.
Another FREE, fun thing to do in Vegas is to, of course, tour the casinos. They really are super cool.
I had two things I wanted to do in Vegas.
1) See an amazing show and 2) Eat at a buffet.
Everyone said both were amazing in Vegas so I thought we should check them out!
+We updated our Facebook status a few times before we left, asking for tips for fun/cheap/free things to do in Vegas. Someone told us about a discounted ticket booth outside the MGM.
My hubby found a second discount booth a few blocks away so he shopped one and I shopped the other while we were on the phone with each other. We found tickets to be cheaper at one booth than the other, so we got two tickets to Le Reve (a Cirque Du Solei show) for 1/2 price!
We had shopped around a bunch (online, at concierge's desks, asking store workers if they knew how to get discounted tickets, etc…) and these were by far the cheapest tickets.
+ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take advantage of resources that are out there, especially social networking! We might not have been able to afford to see a show if we hadn't asked and gotten the tip from a friend.

Next we hit up a buffet.
+We used my hubby's Urban Spoon app on his phone to find A) one that was reasonably priced (not the cheapest, not the most expensive…), and B) had lots of good reviews.

We settled on the one at Planet Hollywood.
+ While waiting in (the SUPER long) line to get in, my hubby googled “discount coupon for Planet Hollywood Buffet”. Remember to ALWAYS Google coupons/discounts before spending money, anywhere!
+While he looked it up on his phone I looked through a discount book I picked up for free at our hotel.

My hubby ended up finding a $5 off coupon online, but they said he would have had to print it out to use it; they couldn't honor it from his phone. At least we tried!

I'm not going to lie, besides the show it was our 2nd biggest splurge – $25 EACH, for lunch! A $50 lunch! My hubby was really hesitant but I pushed him to try it.

Guess what?
It was disgusting.
I DO NOT recommend spending money on buffets. Period.
The only thing I honestly liked was the cotton candy in the dessert section,
And my hubby liked the free drinks.
I seriously felt sick – not only from the food – but from spending so much money on a gross meal.
Oh well, you can't win them all I guess! Lesson learned.
We spent the next few hours shopping around in the hotels/casinos. There is great shopping in Vegas! I guess they have great outlet malls off the strip, but we didn't have time to hit them up. Next time, maybe.
+I found some great $5 black, skinny maternity jeans from H&M (woo hoo!), and my hubby found some cool shirts for $5 (woo hoo!). Remember my tips on shopping sales; they really work!
+My hubby tried getting his watch cleaned at a jewelry store but they were going to charge him $60!
Um, no thanks.
Shortly after we walked by kiosk selling jewelry cleaner. He asked if we had a moment for him to clean our jewelry (I usually say no because I'm too impatient to get hassled and haggled by aggressive sales people) but this time we obviously said yes. He did an amazing job, and it cost us nothing!
I got my ring cleaned and he got his watch cleaned.
THAT'S how you do it, people 🙂
Take. Advantage. Always.
The guy did a great job and his product was bomb so we actually did buy it. He wanted to charge us $40 but my hubby asked him if he'd take $20 and he said yes.
Remember, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ASK! You have to be assertive and just do it because you just never know!
We noticed some cool things while walking around:
Keep your eye out for signs like this. Always take advantage of them. If you start getting too many texts or junkmail just text back “stop” or unsubscribe. By law they have to and it's typically immediate.
Ok all you crafty people out there. I WILL have this chandelier in my house some day, but I WILL NOT be the one making this.
Any takers?
Pretty please?
It's just crystal on the end of a string. How hard could it be, right?
 How amazing, right?? I honestly drooled.
My husband was embarrassed.
But deep down I know he wants this too.
Deep, deep down.
Anyway, after shopping we headed back to the hotel to eat and get ready for our show!
When we got our free hotel stay for attending a timeshare presentation we also got this:
Seeing as how the Crazy Girls topless show isn't exactly the most romantic (nor classy) attraction for a couple to attend together, we opted for the free dinner at the restaurant in our hotel.
The food wasn't the best, but hey, it was free.
 We got all schnazzy and headed to our show.
We weren't supposed to take pictures but I couldn't help myself! I turned off the flash and snuck a few amazing ones.
 It was seriously incredible, I highly recommend it!

+We got an even greater discount on our tickets by opting to sit in the “splash zone” (first two rows). The stage is all water and they do some pretty crazy aerial stunts into it. We saved $30 by sitting there and I only got lightly splashed once. I thought our view was amazing, I'd sit there again for sure.

All-in-all we had an amazing time. In order to fulfill our end of the bargain we had to attend a timeshare presentation before we left town. It was annoying but not the end of the world.
And guess what? By attending that one we got ANOTHER free trip!
Where will we go next time?
Hope this helped, I encourage you to have a fun/cheap/free weekend in Vegas too!