Day 1
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(yes, this post is long overdue since Vday was…well…forever ago. Sorry it's so late!)

For Valentine's day weekend my husband and I were able to jaunt to Vegas…baby-free! It was super fun, and SUPER cheap! We learned a lot of tricks along the way that I thought I'd share with you so YOU can have a fun/cheap/free weekend in Vegas sometime, too!

Here's how day 1 went (search for the “+” to find all the creative ways we saved money):

We said goodbye to our cute little bug as Grami drove him off into the sunset in his new birthday present from her. Ok, so it was actually us that drove off into the sunset, but you get the picture, right? 🙂
+ We asked my mom to babysit for us so we could leave the kiddo behind. This allowed us to spend more time enjoying our vacation, getting more out of our $$; which is important for such a short weekend. She lives in Oregon and offered to pay for her flight because there was a sale on Ding, however, she had a flight credit she needed to use so we didn't have to pay. LOVE!
+We chose Vegas because we could A) get to in 6 hrs or less, B) take a quick trip and not miss too much work, C) go somewhere FUN!…and cheap 🙂


+ We drove. The flight is short, but gas was still cheaper for us. My hubby took a 1/2 day on Friday and we took off in the afternoon. He was even able to make some work calls in the car.
+ We packed our own food and snacks in the car so we didn't have to stop for food on the way down.+ We decided to Forego Vday gifts for each other since we were taking a weekend getaway. However…my hubby's loooves choco-covered strawberries. I saw some gorgeous ones at Costco for $12 and almost bought them…then found delicious-looking strawberries in the produce section for $5! I had chocolate at home (Almond Bark is my favorite for dipping; it's nice and crunchy) so I made my own! We ate them the whole trip…I forgot to take pictures of them while they were pretty. Here's the last of them, all sweaty and nasty. Oh well, you get the idea.

We checked into our hotel, which we got for FREE (see below for details)! We got changed, then headed to the strip for some grub.
+ We got our hotel for free by doing a timeshare presentation a few months earlier. It's a great way to get CHEAP or FREE trips. For more tips on this click HERE.
+Our hotel was WAY on the far end of the strip (the Riviera) but by having our own car we didn't have to pay for taxis or shuttles, saving us more money. Parking is free at all casino hotels so we could drive without problem.
+We wanted to eat somewhere new and different, but didn't want to pay full-price (naturally!). We checked our gift cards and, low and behold, a Chili's gift card we had had a list of other restaurants that it could be used at on the back of the card! We saw one right away (Maggiano's), gave it a try, and enjoyed some REALLY yummy food…for free!
+Here's another tip to share so you don't have to wait long for a table! You're spending money to be on vacay, so get out there and play, right?? Lines are a waste of time! Here's a video tip to help you save time:
+ You see these coupon booklets all over the place (for free). Grab one and check it out. It has tons of coupons and deals inside.


We hit the sack that night exhausted from a long day of packing, driving, exploring “the strip”, and eating. I'll share my savings tips from day two with you shortly! Ta-ta for now, and happy savings to you :)Click HERE for part 2 of this trip