I'm currently on vacation in Oregon visiting my family (love the Northwest!!). Of course I had to do some major shopping in Portland with my mom. While shopping, I was reminded of a few great shopping tips that will save you mucho $dinero$ on clothing and shoes:

  • ALWAYS start at the back of the store. That's where the sale and clearance racks are. ALWAYS. If there is a sale rack near the front of the store, it doesn't have the lowest prices – guaranteed. They do this so you'll have to walk through the entire store to get to the clearance racks, getting distracted by full-priced items on the way.
  • Check your purchases, one by one. Items that have recently been marked down or are on clearance often times will ring up incorrectly. Don't get distracted at the register – watch each and every purchase get rung up. Be sure to question if the price doesn't come up as low as you expected!
  • Take advantage of “the customer is always right”. If an item is misplaced and was on the 40% off rack when it was supposed to be on the 20% rack, fight for it. Stand your ground that it wasn't your fault that it was misplaced and you feel it should be honored (and do it nicely!!) and they will often honor the 40% discount…if the store has good customer service, that is.
  • Check the item for flaws. If you see a shirt on a clearance rack that you love, check it carefully. If you can find a snag, missing button, small mark, or other imperfection that doesn't bother you, you can get an additional 10-15% off.
  • ASK, ASK, ASK. Remember the power of asking? It's imperative in sale shopping. Ask questions, “Do you have any other specials going on right now?” “Do you have this in any other sizes?” (there could be more stock that hasn't been put out yet) “Is there any way you could give me an additional discount on all these clothes since I'm buying so many?” The worst they can say is NO!
  • Buy off-season. You can get skirts, shorts, swim suits, capris, and dresses for great deals right now since Summer is over. Stock up for next year, and buy them super cheap now!
  • Try things on. LOTS of things. Often times things are on sale because they didn't sell well. Often times they didn't sell well because they look ugly on the hanger. Often times those ugly hanger items look awesome on your body. TRY THINGS ON! I can't stress this enough. Yes, you have to be in “the mood” to try things on. So get in the mood, and get in the dressing room! You'll find jewels in the clearance racks, you just have to brave the dressing room. Over. and over. and over. Worth it though, I promise.
  • Don't give up. If you don't happen to find anything for you on the sale racks in the BACK of the store…and happen to find the perfect little black dress for way too much at the front of the store that's just perfect and you have to have it right this second because it's the best dress you've ever seen in the whole wide world…no worries. Simply ask the sales associate if there are any coupons that you can use toward the dress. At Macy's for example they always leave coupons behind the desk for people they especially like. No joke. Be nice and you might just get lucky!

Give it a try!
Happy savings…and shopping…to you 🙂