Redbox promo codes, and 5 redbox tips you need to know!

When my husband and I have a tight week budget-wise and need to cut back on our spending over the weekend, we grab ourselves a Redbox, cuddle up with some junk food, and have a cozy night in. Sometimes those are the best dates, aren't they??

To save yourself $1, use a Redbox code and get your DVD free! My husband and I heard about these codes months and months ago, and have used each of them multiple times:


How it works: Before you start searching for movies at a kiosk, click “rent DVD with promo code”. When it asks, enter one of the promo codes above. You can use each promo code one time per credit/debit card. So, if you have mulitple cards, you can use each code multiple times!


  • You can return a movie to any box, regardless of where you rent it from. The boxes are everywhere!(Outside most McDonald's restaurants, outside many gas stations, and even inside grocery stores such as Wal Mart and Smith's.) On road trips my husband and I will rent a Redbox in one city, and return it in a completely differenct city once we're done watching. This cuts down on the need to keep it for more than 1 night.
  • Make sure to return your movie before 7pm or you get charged another $1.
  • You can reserve Redbox movies online so you don't have to settle for a random movie – the good ones get nabbed quick!
  • Get a free rental by creating a new account. Click HERE
  • Don't drive far for a Redbox rental – you most likely have one around the corner. Click HERE to find ones close by to save you time and gas money.

Enjoy a good movie night for free!
Happy savings to you 🙂

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