We all know buying bulk and stocking up on good deals (I recommend price-matching) is a great way to get great amounts of produce for cheap. But, what happens if you can't use it all up before it goes bad? Simple.

Debbie Meyer Bags.

What the heck are Debbie Meyer Bags, you might ask? Well, my mom introduced these to me a year or two ago and they have saved my life ever since!

 debbie meyer bags
They are funky green bags that keep food fresh for…well…forever, honestly. I'm not sure how it works, exactly, but I think it's a component in the bag that absorbs the bad chemical that makes produce go rotten. It actually helps keep vitamins locked in your produce as well.

You simply put one kind of food in each bag and that's it!
It advertises that it keeps food fresh for 30 days, but I've had some food last much longer.
Cilantro usually goes bad pretty quick in my fridge but lasts FOREVER in these bags.

These babies save you lots of money because

  1. It helps keep your BULK produce and food fresh. You can buy bulk and save money rather than buying little quantities of food.
  2. You can rince out and re-use the bags about 10 times so you don't have to throw them away each time.


I didn't find these bags at Walmart, but I'm sure if you asked around you could find them at your local store. My mom even said she found some knockoffs at the Dollar Store once. Otherwise check them out at Amazon.

Give them a try!  Happy savings to you 🙂


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