I am always printing things!…restaurant coupons, recipes, home-made greeting cards. Needless to say, I go through ink like crazy.

I made a recent discovery lately. Did you know you can get your printer ink refilled at Costco's photo department for CHEAP?? I used to pay up to $20 per cartridge (or more!) depending on how desperate I was for ink. (It always seems to run out in the middle of an important project, doesn't it??)

To get my HP black or color ink cartridge filled is just $7.99! However, this month they have a coupon for $2 off! So I just got my ink refilled for just $5.99. Total.

Sweet, huh??
Call Costco to see if they can refill your printer's cartridge! To get the $2 off coupon, ask the membership desk for a coupon packet when you go to the store.

Be sure to hurry, though, I believe the coupons this month expire on 10/10!
Get to printing, and happy savings to you “)