If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's that Time. is. valuable.

Even if you are like me and don't have a conventional “job”, your time is worth a lot! Learning to be efficient with your time is often times as valuable as making a few bucks.

Just think about it…if you are a stay at home mom and have a list of 15 things to do in one day, what would happen if you got those 15 things done in record time? It would allow you extra time to have more fun, do more things, be more productive, …he 'em balance your finances?…and live a fuller life! This is so valuable!

When you are efficient with your time, you have more free time and can get more done in your day. There are a MILLION ways that this can lead to saving you money. With more time you can:

  • Get started on the next day's chores so you have even MORE time the next day.
  • Get great at something; perfect a hobby or craft. Often times this could bring in extra income.
  • Relax. Studies have shown that when we are stressed we don't live as long, aren't as happy, and have more money troubles. It's true! We all need a little R&R sometimes.
  • Do something nice for someone. This saves you in the long run because what goes around comes around!
  • Find creative ways to make a little money on the side.
  • Help your husband or wife with their burdens. Especially if they are the bread winner, this can be extremely valuable.
  • Bond with your kids and family. This cuts down on the need for your kids to have expensive entertainment around them all the time.
  • Cook, which cuts down on eating out costs
  • Make plenty of make-ahead freezer meals for those days when you don't have extra time.
The list could go on and on. Do you believe me when I say that saving time can save you money? It's true! Here are some simple ways that you can save time in your day:
  • Make a list. Leave paper by your bed and each night make a list of everything you need to do the next day. It can be as small as “take the garbage out” to as big as “finish the scrapbook I've been working on”. Don't leave anything out. Studies have shown that writing things down helps you sleep better, and helps you remember things better. Be sure to put “fun” things on the list, too “go on a walk” “go to lunch with Suzie” “Call my mom”.
  • Prioritize. When you wake up, look at your list from the night before. Prioritize you list with the 5 most important things, then prioritize the rest from greatest to least important.
  • Work fast. My husband has long ago learned that when the TV is on, he's sucked in. He absolutely canNOT have the TV on if he plans to get anything done. If music or TV is a distraction to you, turn it off! If it slows you down it takes longer. And remember, SAVING TIME = SAVING MONEY. 
  • Don't let things pile up; do them as you go. I'm admittedly bad at this, but I'm working on it. I'm the type of person that tries on a shirt, then throws it on the floor of my closet rather than hanging it up after trying it on. By hanging the shirt up right after trying it on, it saves me from having to take TIME sorting through, washing, and ironing a big pile of shirts in the future! A motto I heard once is “never leave a room empty-handed”. If you were to pick up one item each time you leave a room, your house would stay pretty clean.
  • Take care of yourself. When you are sick, tired, sluggish, mope-y, you work slower, lose time, and simply feel like crud. Get good rest, take a daily vitamin, and exercise. I PROMISE this saves you money!!!
  • Don't get distracted. Tell yourself “I will not do anything else until my 5 high-priority items are completed”. This is harder than you may think! Stick to your list, and it will help. Once the most important items are completed you can move on to the more fun or lower priority items.
  • Multi-Task. I almost never brush my teeth standing still. While I'm brushing with one hand I'm taking my dog out to go to the bathroom, picking up my bedroom, wiping down my counter, reading over my list of things to do, and sometimes even talking on the phone (sorry mom!). Same with talking on the phone. Rather than pacing or talking on the phone while sitting on your couch, put in a headset and get things done! You'll be surprised at how much time you can save by doing simple multi-tasking.
This list could also go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Give it a try! For one week try to be extremely conscious of how you are using your time. My mom has ALWAYS said this to me:
“Ask yourself: What is the BEST use of my time RIGHT NOW?”
This will help you prioritize your day, get things done faster, and will save you time…which means…you save money! Hooray for that!
Happy savings to you 🙂

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