If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with baggies. I “Ziploc” everything! I think it's a great way to get an airtight seal on things, keep things clean, separated, and organized, and they are great containers that shrink as the contents in the bag shrink.

Have you ever considered reusing baggies? I hadn't, until a friend introduced me to the concept. I'm now hooked. I know it seems like a total tightwad thing to do, but it not only saves money, but it cuts down on waste and helps preserve the environment!
Here are some baggie-saving tips that I use:
  • Never reuse baggies that had raw meat in them, and I typically don't reuse baggies that have anything greasy, goopy, or super sticky in them. 
  • To wash, turn the bag inside out, stick each hand in a bag, and “wash your hands”. You could also do one bag on one hand and use a scrubber with soap.
  • Use antibacterial dish soap and hot water, just like you would any other dish
  • Dry bags inside-out. If there is still a little water left on them when you need to use it, simply wipe clean.
  • Prop bags on utensils you are trying – handles of spatulas, big spoons, skewers, etc. You could also prop them “teepee style” on a drying rack if they are sturdy enough to stand on their own.
  • If I have used a baggie for non-food items (like my lip gloss at the airport, or my son's wet wipes) then write “not for food” on the bag and re-use (for other non-food items) it without washing it.
Here are other baggie saving tips from “The Tightwad Gazette” book:
  • If the zipper starts to split on the edges, fuse them with the tip of an iron
  • If the zipper separates completely, cut it off and use a baggie tie or rubber band to close it
  • If it has a small hole, simply use it for non-food items or foods that don't have to be airtight, like popcorn
  • You can even reuse plastic bags that random items come in – brown sugar bags, the bag your panty hose are wrapped in, produce bags, bread bag, etc.
  • Any bag with paint on it (like a bread bag) shouldn't be used inside out
So, though you may think it's crazy to reuse baggies, it only takes a few seconds and really saves the environment AND money over time! Give it a try!
Happy savings to you 🙂