I am a leftover-saving nut. But in my house leftover rice is often thrown away. Whether it's homemade or from the Chinese restaurant we love so much, rice is typically only good same-day…or MAYBE one day later.

I got this tip from a cookbook of mine:
To make leftover rice just as good as day one simply steam it in a colander or sieve. Put it over a pot of boiling water, don't let it touch the water, and let it steam to your desired consistency. Easy, breezy!

Rice is an inexpensive, easy dinner ingredient. It can be super healthy too, especially if you pair it with fresh veggies or cook brown or wild rice. If you have enough rice, you can even make it into a second or even third meal. For example:

Night 1: Chicken with a side of rice
Night 2: Take the leftover rice and make a stir fry to go on top of the rice.
Night 3: Take the last of the rice and put it in a chicken and rice casserole, or make a mexican soup with mexican rice in the bottom of your bowl.

If you don't have enough rice to make multiple meals out of it, then be sure to try the re-steam trick. DON'T THROW IT OUT! By re-using leftover rice it will save you time, and money.

Happy steaming – I mean savings – to you 🙂