*Note – This post used to be called “ask the price”. I changed it because it is not always about the initial price, rather, the most important thing to ask is what the OVERALL cost will be.


Today's savings tip is an important one:  Ask, Ask, Ask!
It's such an important tip, in fact, that I will be doing a serious of savings tips about asking.

My husband is the king of asking. Asking questions, asking for discounts, asking why, asking prices, asking for compromise or negotiation, anything! I know this seems like a simple thing, but most of us don't do it when we should!

My first “ask” tip of the day?

Ask: What is the cost?

I know it seems simple, but let's take a little test:

  • When you go to the Doctor's office, how much does it cost? 
  • What does your doctor charge for “sick” office visit, and how much does he cost for a wellness check? 
  • When you immunize your baby, how much does the shot cost? 
  • How much does it cost if you return a book late to the library? 
  • What about a DVD or audio book? 
  • How much is taken away from a gift card if you don't use it within a certain time? 
  • How much does an overdraft cost on your new credit or debit card? 
  • How much are you paying interest on that store credit card that got you “10% off your purchase today”? 
  • How much is the prescription your doctor or vet just prescribed you? How much does your vet charge to check out your animal?
  • How much does your Real Estate Agent cost once they find you a house or sell your house?
  • How much does that auto body shop charge to “check out” those squeaky brakes of yours?

See what I mean? Many times we go about our day without questioning the cost of things, or without knowing what we are really getting ourselves into.

My tip for the day? Simply ask! You should NEVER feel foolish or “cheap” by asking prices and overall costs.

Want to know a secret?
A friend of ours just graduated from dental school. Do you know that most doctors and dentists work off of commission? Guess what this makes them? Salesmen. Smart, doctor salesmen 🙂 (P.s…there is NOTHING wrong with salesmen – my husband makes his living from being a great salesman!!)

Our friend was trained to always “recommend” the most expensive procedures to their patients. While I'm sure the procedure would benefit the patient in some way, often times there are cheaper procedures that are equally as benefitting, or the suggestion is simply preventative and not necessary in any way.

It is very important that you ask for a price list or menu of sorts in EVERYTHING we do. That way you have the power to shop around for the best price, get a second opinion to see if whatever it is is actually “necessary”, and see if it works for your budget.

Knowledge is power, and in order to save money, you MUST be knowledgeable.

Give it a try!
For one month get in the habit of asking, “What is the cost?” for everything you do. It will change your life, I promise!

Good luck, and happy savings to you 🙂