My mom came to visit and brought her label maker because I was talking about how much I wanted one. She let me use it to make fun labels for my son's baby food boxes and jars.

I loved it! I went to Wal Mart to buy my own and was shocked at the price. The cheapest digital one was $17, then $6 PER roll of tape…and the tape rolls were tiny! I couldn't swallow it. So I came home and got creative.

You can make your own labels for much cheaper, and honestly, they are cuter! Just use typical mailing labels, any kind. I found an old 1/2 empty package in my junk drawer.

Look to see which template to use in Word:

Choose your own cute font, color, style, etc. and label away! It's sooo easy!

I love how neat everything looks now with printed labels. They peel off easily and any residue washes away without problem. This saves so much money, I was quite proud of myself.

Happy labeling – and savings – to you!