We all know the big craze in adding cute rosettes and fabric flowers to anything and everything! I am not crafty, and tend to be the sucker paying for them at stores…but it turns out they are SUPER easy to make! I'm sure many of you have seen this tutorial already, but for those of you who haven't, start crafting and start saving!

  1. Begin by cutting several circles from your fabric; these will be your petals. It doesn't have to be perfect, just a general circular shape. The more layers, the fuller your flower! Make each circle a bit smaller than the last – and if you are planning on needing a pair, cut out two of each size at once by folding the fabric in half. This way, your flowers will match.
    Fabric Flowers Photo1
  2. Hold each circle of fabric over the flame until it begins to melt the very edges. Keep it moving, do it quick! It takes a light touch but once you get the hang of it, it's like riding a bike.
    Fabric Flowers Photo2

    Note: See how the melted edges cause the petal to cup? It's cool. It's nestable now! Do you have some stubborn edges that are hard to reach? Try using a hand held lighter like this to catch those trouble spots.
    Fabric Flowers Photo3

  3. Now, nest your petals together. You can stick with one color and texture or mix it up! I got wild and crazy by mixing satin in brown and blue and some chiffon in black.
    Fabric Flower Photo4
  4. Now, with your needle and thread, sew up through the layers. String three seed beads onto the thread, then stitch back through the layers. You've just attached all your petals and gussied it up a bit. You can hit any odd edges with the hand held lighter after you've finished.
    Fabric Flower Photo4

    Okay, now you have some lovely fabric flowers…So what? Well, come on, girl! Use your imagination!

Read more about Jennifer, author of this craft tutorial, a Featured Craft Designerat FaveCrafts!

Just for the record, these are at Nordstrom for $29 and $33:

Now you can make them, even cuter, for a fraction of the cost! Heck, if you have the fabric already, it's free! So have fun making these for gifts, showers, or something fun for yourself. You can add these flowers to belts, shoes, headbands, hair clips, or clip them on a long chunky necklace or strands of pearls for some added flair.
Happy savings to you 🙂