Saving Craving! Savings Tip of the Day: Make your own scents!

I LOVE having my house smell yummy. I love those waxy melt things, the reed diffusers, room sprays, the works. Today on Studio5 I saw EASY ways to make your own home scents…for little to nothing! I couldn't believe how cheap and easy some of these were! She said most of them will last for a month or more.

We all know I am NOT crafty, but I think I will be making a bunch of these to give to family members as little Christmas goodies! You simply start with a scented oil or two. She said to get the good quality stuff. You can also use essential oils. You can find these online or in craft stores, I believe.

Below I have listed a few of their recipes that I thought were the easiest and cutest. Click HERE for the full article.

Wax Tarts
Any wax that melts can actually be used to make your own little wax tarts or melts—so beeswax, paraffin wax, soy wax, etc, or any combination of these. (She said they are very cheap, you can get paraffin wax at any grocery store and beeswax at any craft store.)
Slowly melt your chosen waxes, either in a double boiler on the stove in a clean can or on lower power in a microwave safe bowl, adding your fragrance/essential oil (add to your own liking, a teaspoon or so) and pouring into mini-muffin tins or ice cube trays to harden (she said you can also use leftover plastic scented wax trays from store bought scented waxes. Genius!). Then pop them out and store in a sealed container. If you have trouble popping the tarts out of the mold simply place in the freezer for a little while, then they should pop right out. For safety purposes I prefer the non-flame warmers.
Of course, Scentsy is one place where you can buy these fragrance “tarts”. You can find a consultant/demonstrator near you by going
Scented Pine Cones (and other earth elements)
Mix pinecones with some cinnamon sticks, whole juniper berries, and other dried foliage in a large sealable container. Add in a few tablespoons of your favorite fragrance/essential oil. Seal. Shake every day or two. Use after 2-3 weeks.

Room Sprays
Sprays are a lot easier to make than people think. A cup of distilled water, a few drops of essential or fragrance oil and a spray bottle are all you really need. Some people like to use vodka or ethanol alcohol as a fourth of the water equivalent, but it is not absolutely necessary. There is also a great product called Polysorbate 20 that is terrific for making a solution that keeps the water and oil in suspension, and clarifies the mixture. It is found at most soap-making type places. (See: for one such place.)

Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers have become very a much a part of home décor. The decorative bottles add great accents around a room and the reeds act like a wick, pulling fragrance up through them from the oils in the bottle, filling the air with wonderful aromas.
You can make your own by using real reeds, not bamboo or resin reeds, some fragrance or essential oil, and dipropylene glycol (DPG), a base which thins the oil and allows it to wick up the reed. Be sure to buy only fragrance grade, not industrial grade, dipropylene glycol. This can be found online at any number of candle/soap making supply stores… or Use a mixture that is 1 part essential or fragrance oil to 2.5 parts DPG fragrance grade. Shake gently to mix and place in bottle with reeds. (She said to find any cheap, cute, decorative bottle and there you have it! So easy!)

Give it a try! Like I said, I think I will make all three of them and make a little goodie bag of homemade scents for Christmas presents this year, or for thank you gifts to keep on-hand. Have fun, and happy smelling – and happy savings – to you 🙂

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Saving Craving! Savings tip of the day: Make your own disinfectant

We all know how expensive household cleaners are. I was watching Studio 5 the other day and got this recipe for quick, easy, and cheap disinfectant! She said it can replace Lysol wipes and all those other expensive products. It makes a ton, and lasts forever. Here's what you need:

3C Hot water
2T Borax (see image below)
4T White vinegar

Simply mix together, put it in a spray bottle, and vuala! Use it to wipe down your countertops, phones, door handles, bathroom surfaces, sinks, everything. It's easy and cheap. Happy cleaning!

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