I price-matched a bag of apples for $0.99 the other week. I took them on a trip with me and they got bruised and soft. I knew I wouldn't eat them and was about to throw them away, when I decided to get creative.

I whipped out my old-school crockpot that I LOVE (you MUST learn to love your crockpot, it saves so much time!). I peeled the apples, cut out any bruised or bad parts, cut off the core, cut the good parts into chunks, added a tiny bit of water, and threw them into the greased crockpot.

I put it on high for a few hours until it started breaking down a bit.
When it was all pretty mushy I spooned it into a small food processor/chopper that I have.
I blended it well, until it was a good applesauce texture.
I spooned it into baby food jars that I had saved (after removing the labels and running through the dishwasher), made sure the lid was on tight, added my own homemade labels, and vuala!

Perfect baby applesauce! Made from nothing but pure apples and water. Those jars are the big stage 3 jars, and it made about 5 of them. And to think, I was going to throw those apples out!! Shame on me for ever thinking it.

Pop them in the freezer or use them right away. I have also used this method for squash, zuccini, and sweet potatoes. I could imagine it would work for almost anything!
Your wallet and baby will thank you for this one.

Happy savings to you 🙂

*Note: I know steaming is another recommended method. However, I have found this to be quicker prep and easier to clean and less work for you…but I'm not sure if it's less healthy than steaming. Anyone know?