I love Wal Mart, but I know many people associate Wal Mart with “cheap” or low-quality things. I have found it to be the contrary, personally!

My tip for today is:
Take advantage of Wal Mart's cheap kids clothes! My baby boy has more clothes in his closet than I do, thanks to their Garanimals line. Let's be honest, it's hard to find cute, functional baby boy clothes sometimes. But I'm hooked on these!

They seem to always be on sale; I got many of my pieces for $2 or so. They are perfect for everyday wear. And you wanna know the best part? They are amazing quality! They are thick and soft, and wash really well. They don't fade, don't get all fuzzy when you dry them, and the colors don't bleed. I'm hooked. Their stretchy pants are perfect for those wild movers like my little guy.

 I love the little characters, they are super cute.
 These striped onesies are so preppy and look really cute with sweaters over them.
 Their tops and bottoms are often mix and match, so they all coordinate very well. I loved these outfits for the summer.
 When I was doing laundry a while back I realized how many Garanimals clothes I have, so I decided to group them all for a pic. I love them!
They are perfect for gifts for people; you can supply them with an entire wardrobe for the cost of one name-brand outfit from an expensive store. 
So give them a try! When I go grocery shopping I try to throw one or two pieces into the cart each time I go. I'm always stocked up on baby clothes for every season, or I have them as gifts for people. They could certainly save you lots of money, like they have for me.
Happy savings to you!