Remember THIS post about how I cooked my pumpkin and made TONS of pumpkin puree, just in time for Thanksgiving??

Well, turns out I did a whole lot more work than I needed to. My mom called me today and informed me that she found an even EASIER way to cook your pumpkin. Click HERE to see the full article.

1) Split the pumpkin in half and seed it.

2) Remove the stringy fibers by scraping the insides with a metal spoon.

3) Place the two halves cut side down in a roasting pan along with 1 c. water.

4) Bake the pumpkin at 350 degrees, until meltingly tender – about 90 minutes.

5) Scoop the flesh out of each pumpkin half and puree in a food processer. Freeze or use within a few days.

And there you have it! So now as all of you are rushing to get to the store for last minute pumpkin puree (and spend way too much on it if you ask me…), skip the trip! Simply take your old Halloween pumpkins and stick them in the oven. You'll have fresh pumpkin puree before you know it…and will have tons leftover for future treats.

Happy savings to you…and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!