My mom has a great book, The Tightwad Gazette, that has great savings tips. I will refer to this book quite a bit from here on out.

One tip the book said is that you typically don't need a full dryer sheet to reduce static. Tear it in half or even in 4ths and you will still get the same results, while cutting down on your use of dryer sheets!

You can also make your own dryer sheets. Pour 1-2 T of Downy on a wash cloth and use it just like a dryer sheet. You can even use this for multiple loads.

You can even re-use sheets more than once! In the book there is someone that lives in an apartment and uses other people's discarded dryer sheets, and has never had to buy her own.

Give it a try, let me know if it works with the brand you like!
Happy savings to you!