Save money at the vet

Aww, isn't my doggie the cutest??

If you have a pet, you know how expensive they can be…especially when it comes to any type of surgery or veterinary services!
Here are 9 ways to save money on vet care:

  • Get your animal spayed or neutered! It may seem expensive up front, but think of how much more it costs for your pet to have a litter!
  • Get your pet spayed or neutered at a Humane Society or shelter, or other low-cost program (here's one to check out). To get my dog Neutered at a vet would have cost me around $80-$100. At the Humane Society? Only $48! I actually found that I got better care at the H.S than I did at the vet that I had at the time (I love my vet now, just for the record). It's typically volunteer vets at programs like these, so they are completely competent and qualified, and they are there simply out of love of animals. I have had nothing but great experiences there!
  • Keep your pet's vaccines up to date. Yes, vaccines cost money…but a sick animal costs much, much more. Trust me!
  • Get your vaccines cheaper at a Humane Society, shelter, or other low-cost program. Once again, great vets are there, and the cost is much lower.
  • Ask for pricing. You should never be embarrassed to ask the pricing of things at the vet…BEFORE they start examining/operating/prescribing things! Before you even schedule an appointment over the phone, ask “How much will these services cost?”. Call around to multiple vets and price-shop. Likewise, when the doc says “I want to run a blood sample” ask, “what are we looking at cost-wise?” Trust me, it's a bit awkward because you don't want your vet to think you're choosing money over your beloved animal. But many times there are lower-cost procedures he could try, or your doc will get the hint that you want to start with NECESSARY items first, then move on to optional/test-round stuff secondary.
  • Let them know you're price-sensitive. I had to do this at my last visit. We have spend over $1K on my dog recently. At his follow-up appointment I politely asked the girls at the front desk, “I just wanted to let you know that we are pretty cost-sensitive right now because our budget has been maxed lately for Ollie's care. We want him to get better and that's our top priority, but we will need to find the most cost-effective options available to be able to continue giving him the care he needs.” If your vet is a good vet he will understand, and will have the care of your animal first in his mind and will do all he can to help you afford wonderful care!
  • Ask for discounts! Say, “Is there anything you can do for me about that price?” “Is there any form of discount I can get? Maybe for paying in cash or paying in full at the time of appointment?” You just never know! I found a vet online that offers 20% off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You just never know, so never be afraid to ASK!
  • If you find a vet you like, ask if they have a referral program. My vet does – you get discounts and perks by referring people. (By the way, I love my vet – Central Valley Vet Hospital {they aren't a hospital any more actually}. Tell them Jordan Page referred you 🙂
    •  (801) 839-1878 55 Miller Ave South Salt Lake, UT 84115.
  • Price-shop your pet meds. If your vet can fill it right in their office, ask how much they charge before you have it filled. Tell them you will come back later to pick up the meds, go home, and call a few other pharmacies and price shop to find the best deal. Or, ask them straight-up if there is a generic brand that can be found cheaper. The difference in cost could be substantial. Trust me, I know.

And, in general, take good care of your pet so they stay healthy. Keep them vaccinated, give them lots of exercise and love, and they will stay healthy and happy!

Happy savings to you 🙂

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