Tips to de-clutter and organize your home

My M.I.L sent me this great article (from THIS site) on 5 easy tips to de-clutter and organize your home. A clean, organized, clutter-free home will save you loads of money! It will keep you from buying unnecessary things, will help you truly utilizing everything you already have, and will simply make you happier and less stressed!

Plus, having an organized home saves time, and we all know that saving time = saving money. When you have less work to do around the house all the time, it frees up your time to learn new skills, do projects yourself (thus saving money), do things for others, and just have more fun!

Here are the 5 tips to help you get started:

Five Clutter Clearing ideas for the New Year
Getting organized is one of the top resolutions for the New Year.  For many it is a recurring resolution. The most important thing to accomplish in order to create an organizing system for you and your family is to clear clutter.
The following are the five top clutter causers and what you can do about them:

  • Paper Clutter.  Stop using scraps of paper to write down phone numbers and other important information they add to clutter and are easily lost.  Use a spiral journal in your home to capture information and a small journal for your purse.  If you like to save old journals, do so in a clearly labeled box on a high shelf.
    Use a scanner to digitally preserve travel memories, notes and drawings and save them in a paperless computer file.  Back up your computer and rest assured they will be safe.  Buy and use a shredder.
  • Magazines and Periodicals.  Using a large plastic envelope, create and carry a ‘to read' folder.  Tear out the articles that interest you  and donate or recycle the magazine.  Carry your to read folder with you to take advantage of any unexpected downtime.
  • Chargers, Cables, Electronics.  Start with matching cables and chargers with there respective electronic gadgets.  Use a label maker or masking tape to identify the charger.  Use a hanging, clear shoe organizer to sort and organize and contain each item.  My favorite can be found at Don't forget to label each pocket.
  • Excess Decor.  I'm talking candles, vases, unused frames and linens.  These are top space wasters.  Gather them up from their hiding spaces, determine how many you need to fit your current lifestyle (be fearless!) and let the rest go.  Store candles,vases and frames in only one place to keep track of how many you have.  Consider storing linens between the mattress and boxspring of the bed they fit.
  • Maintain.  While you are reducing the amount of clutter in your home, you can keep new clutter from accumulating by creating good habits.  Whether you live alone or with a large family, practice a 10 minute pick-up each night.  Return everything to it's proper home.  Keep in mind that the proper home may be the donation bag, garbage or recycle.  Keep a donation bag handy and take it to your favorite charity on a regular basis.  My donation bag lives in my master closet.  I see it all the time which prompts me to use it.

My definition of clutter is something that doesn't have a home.  When things are laying about your spaces ask yourself if they have a home.  If they don't, make one.  You'll find little by little your clutter will disappear and order will be restored.

So give it a try! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the changes you see.
Happy savings to you 🙂