I bought a big container of blackberries from Costco the other week (remember how much cheaper it is to BUY BULK typically!). We made it through most of them, but the last bit started getting pretty soft. I, personally, am super picky about eating soft or bruised fruit, so I used to throw them out. Not any more!

We all know how much I love creative smoothies to use up produce. Another good way to use up good (but soft) produce is this:

I took my leftover blackberries, blended them up with this AWESOME mini hand blender my mom got me (Love it! Use it all the time! They are pretty cheap…see the Amazon ad to the left), and added the mix to yogurt. You could do it to low-fat Greek yogurt to make it super healthy.

I couldn't get my picky 1-year old to eat the blackberries alone, but he inhaled it once it was mixed with yogurt. It was great; got my baby to eat healthy fruit, and didn't waste a single berry!

Mission accomplished.

So next time you are about to throw out that soft produce, try to think of a creative way to use it first. If it fails, at least you tried!

Happy savings to you 🙂