Reuse your makeup containers instead of throwing them out

I used these empty containers to hold crumbled blush, and a small amount of body bronzer that was from a container that was too large to pack around.

Guys, I'm working on probably the most mega-ist mega-post I've ever done, about how to cruise with kids, cruise for cheap, and all things cruise. It's taken me 2 weeks to do this post and I'm STILL not done! Trust me, it's going to be amazing when it's done.

In the meantime, here's a super quick savings tip for you…DON'T THROW OUT YOUR MAKEUP CONTAINERS! Why?¬†Makeup containers, especially powder-type makeup, usually close/seal/tighten really well. Wash them by hand or in the top shelf of the dishwasher, and reuse them again and again! Here are some creative uses for empty makeup containers:

  • Use them to store earrings and ring when traveling.
  • If you have a large container of makeup, put some of it into a small container and carry that with you. It's easier to carry with you, and if you lose or break it (likely if your name is Jordan Page…) then you still have the rest at home!
  • When your makeup breaks and crumbles, whether by being dropped or by it breaking down over time, put it in one of the empty container and use it like you would mineral or powder makeup. I almost always try to use my favorite mineral makeup¬†(use the code FUNCHEAP to get 10% off!) now to cut down on this problem, but for all my other makeup this tip is a lifesaver.
Clever uses for empty makeup containers

My blush dropped and shattered, so I put it in this empty mineral container so I could keep using it!

  • Pour nail polish in your empty eyeshadow containers and it makes “play makeup” for your daughters when it dries.
  • Fill the container with body lotion, or other thick creams for when you travel.
  • I even save my old brushes and let my daughter use them to put on imaginary makeup.

So next time think twice before throwing out perfectly good makeup containers!