*Note: sorry guys! This posted, then was accidentally set as draft again…so sorry you're getting this twice in your feed! But it's worth the read, I promise 😉

It's way past my bedtime, but I thought I'd write a quick post before you all check out of the blogging world and start enjoying the beloved Christmas holiday that's coming up…in 3 days! What the, whaaaa?!

As you enjoy your Christmas dinners, quick reminder to not let ANYTHING go to waste! If you get sick of ham after eating it for 4 days, don't toss it out for heaven's sake. FREEZE IT! You can freeze just about anything, even cooked rice and pasta (it's true!). Take your leftovers, whatever they are, and freeze them. If it's McNasty once thawed out, then hey…at least you tried. I'd bet money on the fact that most of it will taste great, though! (See lots of food tips as proof.)

I like to save old food containers, wash them out (top shelf of the dishwasher is usually fine), and put single-sized portions of leftovers in them.Bubba will take them to work, or I'll pop them into the freezer as-is. The small containers save space in your freezer, and allows you to pull out quick portions as-needed rather than running through the drive through on a busy day.


Our wallets are all hurting from Christmas as it is, so let's help them heal nicely by not wasting any food this holiday.

There's some food for thought for ya! (buh-boom CHICK)