It's official.
I can leave my windows open at night to let in the cool breeze…
The snow cone shacks have packed up and headed home…
Preschool has started…
The pool has closed.
Summer. Is. Over.
Moment of silence, please.
Sound the alarm.
Call off the guards.
Send yo' mama a text…
My summer sabbatical is over!

I have enjoyed my summer but oh my aching heart, how I've missed you all! I am back in full-swing and am ready to dive headfirst into FCF. There are some exciting things going on over here that you will learn very soon.

But FIRST…I thought I'd share a taste of what I've been up to this summer:
(P.S…please don't judge me for the fact that I'm wearing my hot pink skinnis in 90% of these pics. I just  love them, ok???)

  • We took our annual family vacation to the Oregon coast, my happy place. It was great to see my brothers and folks!

If you haven't ever been there, you need to GO. NOW. Get in your car and drive. Fly, hitch-hike, pogo stick, whatever it takes…just go. Oh, but call me before you do so I can tell you all the best things to do.

Oh, I how love that place…

We went to Cannon Beach (yes, where Goonies was filmed…). Insider tip: the weather is usually great in the summer but pretty rainy the rest of the year. So WHEN you go, go in the summer!

Giant sandbox = 2 year old heaven.

WHEN you go, you have to go to Seaside, OR and get saltwater taffy from The Candy Man. He stands on the corner, sings, and hands out free candy. He's been doing this since I was 7 years old and started coming with my family every year. 

My talented hipster, musician of a little brother serenaded the innocent bystanders for a bit-o-moola.
“Please, sir, a penny for a song?” 
(say that with a thick Brittish accent…
or Scottish…
oooh, or Russian, that's awesome…)
Moving on.
Anyway, he's REALLY amazing. Check out his stuff HERE.
  • We hosted lots of friends and family! 

Whether they stayed for a week…a weekend…or just a night, we had lots of friends and family stay and it was awesome! We're so blessed to have the space. No more having people sleep on our old nasty carpet in our living room in our old house!!! YAAAAAY!!!

My childhood best friend and her baby stayed with us from Cali. We haven't seen each other since High School, really! It was a fun reunion.
  • We had LOTS. OF. PARTIES.

…none of which are complete without a little Rock Band action, of course…

  • We enjoyed lots of Mimi and Grandpa time. They still live in Oregon all by there little lonesome selves…so we see them here in Utah. A lot. (Hey, we have the only grandkids so we're the favorites, ok??)

Moment of silence for how stinking cute my (tired) squishy princess is…

Speaking of squishy princess…

  • Priya turned 1 on July 29th! AHHH! WHAAAT?? Where has the time gone? It seems like 5 seconds ago I posted THIS.

  • My Hubby turned 29 two days after Priya's birthday, so we celebrated in style during our Page family reunion in Park City, UT.

No birthday party is complete without “pin the tongue on the birthday boy/girl”. It was hilarious!
The kids helped me cut out tongues on red construction paper. I blew up an industrial print at Fedex for around $8, but you could probably do it cheaper at Staples or Office Max…I just didn't have time to drive very far. 
I taped the poster to the door, 
 blindfolded and maliciously made everyone super dizzy…
And the closest tongue wins!
Uncle Nate cheated. 

 Super fun party idea! After the game we took down the tongues and had this cute photo up all week long, paying homage to the birthday kids.

We had a crazy time in Park City.
Yup…still got it. 

We loved watching the ski jumpers at Olympic park.
 Yes, that is a person.
On skis. 
1 million feet in the air.

We roasted lots of mallows with the fam, played games, and laughed a lot. I love family time!

  • I've been a busy beaver with TV segments.

I continue to do regular frugality segments for Studio 5. See what you've missed HERE.

  • As I mentioned before, my baby girl turned 1! I'm too lazy to put the pictures in order, so here's another shout out to this cute little bean. 

SUCH a wiggle worm…

  •  The most momentous occasion of the summer? POTTY TRAINING SUCCESS!!! Bring on Preschool! YAAAAY!

  •  We enjoyed the new polar bear exhibit at the zoo. SUPER hilarious bear. We're basically best friends now.

Diggin' for gold…

  • One of the exciting things going on at FCF is that I am now the official spokesperson for Candle Warmers, Etc…the company that invented the candle warmer!!
It's the funnest job ever. I recently got back from a business trip to Philly where they sent me to do QVC! It was SOOO FUN. Here are some photos from my demo shoot:

YAAAAY for amazing-smelling homes!
  • I had a great time working a Evo'12, a social media conference here in Utah. I got to attend some amazing classes, be part of a flash mob, and genuinely have a great time with new friends.

Photos taken by Kim Orlandi
  • I did some speaking engagements. Email me if you want me to teach a class or speak to a group!!

There are those darn pink skinnies again! I swear I have other clothes…
I did a night on how to save money with grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, etc. It was a ton of fun!

  • I took the kids to Bear Lake to hang with my friend and her son. Yup…left the hubbies behind and had a mini girl's trip! It was great. 

Best buds.

  • Enjoyed 4th of July and Pioneer Day festivities here in Utah.

In addition we spent every SINGLE day at the pool, I got pregnant and was sick as a dog all summer, I went yardsaling as much as possible, and we ate burgers and dogs to our hearts' content.

WHEW! It was a wild and crazy summer. How was yours?? I truly want to hear about it!

So there you go, now you have a small taste of some of the things I've been up to! There are many more exciting things to come around here, so stay tuned.

Thanks for listening, adios for now!