Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Continue your education affordably

Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where we “replay” an oldie – but goodie – savings tip so you don't miss out on any of the good stuff!

Today's re-post is about continuing your education. It doesn't have to be expensive, and the benefits of continuing to learn new skills and talents is priceless!

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I firmly believe it is important for everyone to continue learning; to always pick up new skills or brush up on old ones, and to share your knowledge and talents with the ones you love. There is a great way to do this…through continuing education courses!

Continuing education courses are offered at colleges/universities, or through your county. Most classes are at night and only once a week, making it easier for us with kids or full-time jobs.

Online college classes are in high demand these days, since many people want the flexibility that online classes offer. In our technological society it is possible to complete most of your education online; all you need is a computer with an internet connection. No costly commute or tight scheduling. Sounds like a good plan to me!

I just registered for a cake decorating class with my friend. I am so excited! It's only $45 + materials. I can't wait to learn how to work with fondant. Think of all the money I'll save by making and decorating my own fancy cakes in the future!

Go online and look up “local continuing education courses” to find ones in your area. Better hurry, though, most districts are taking registrations this week!

Here are only a few examples of the types of classes you'll find:

  • cake decorating/bread making/cooking classes 
  • sewing/knitting/crafting classes
  • sports classes
  • guitar/music classes
  • swimming/exercise classes
  • language classes
  • dance classes
  • financial classes
  • writing
  • camping
  • marriage and relationship classes
  • barter and trade classes (eh??)
  • card making
  • music studio classes
  • “how to make it in voice-overs” class
  • dog obedience classes
  • photography
  • Energy healing and fork bending with Emotional Freedom Tapping (this is not a joke)
  • and even ice fishing! (You just never know, right?) 

There are many, many more…the possibilities are literally endless!

If you live in the Salt Lake area and want to see what classes are available:
Go to THIS link for the Salt Lake Community Education catalogue
Go the THIS link for the Granite Peaks catalogue

Give it a try! Happy saving – and learning – to you 🙂

I will be teaching a continuing education course here in Salt Lake in the fall! If any of you would like to attend my Creative Savings Course then let me know and I'll get you the info when registration begins. I'm super excited!

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