Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Garage sales 101

Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where we “replay” and oldie – but goodie – savings tip…so you don't miss out in anything great!

Since I referred to my new found love of garage sale-ing in yesterday's post (and my weekend wrap-up post), I thought it appropriate to re-post my friend Betsy's tips about garage sales.

Along with her tips I have found THIS SITE to have amazing tips from the Garage Sale Queen herself (maybe we're related :)), and here is 101 Garage Sale tips that I love as well.

I took her advice…and it worked! Enjoy:

Garage sales are a great way to find great things super cheap- but watch out… they are addicting!!

I liked using this website when I first started going to garage sales in Salt Lake so I got a feel for which areas I liked the best. This website is great- it has the postings for each sale, and it will do a trip planner and map out your entire route from one garage sale to the next… it's great!

Once you use this for awhile you will get a feel for which areas are the *hot* areas and which areas aren't so great. For me a *hot* area is where there are a lot very close to each other so I can hit a lot more of them and drive a lot less. Also, you will start to get a feel for what areas have the things- usually- that you are looking for.

  • For example- if you are looking for baby clothes- areas with a lot of new growing families is where you would want to go- not neighborhoods with a lot of older couples. 
  • A great place to find new kitchen type items are around the colleges with a lot of newlyweds with brand new toasters and blenders they are looking to get rid of…. things like that. 

 Everyone is going to have different areas they find that they like depending on what types of things you are looking for. For me in Utah, I like Herriman /Lehi /Sugarhouse.

Also another way I like to find garage sales are to just drive to the *hot* areas and follow the signs! On a good day, when I go to any one of these 3 areas there will be multiple signs on almost every corner pointing me in every direction.

I have also found the best hours to go are 7:30-10:00. By 10:00 things are usually completely picked through and almost nothing is worth taking home. Start out early for the really great finds. Garage Sales that are going both Friday and Saturday- usually aren't worth going to on Saturday- again they are usually really picked through by that time.

And remember- almost everyone that has a garage sale is in it to just get rid of their “junk”. BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN! You will definitely find the garage sales where people are in it for the money and will not bargain- but for the most part they will and they just want you to take as much stuff as possible so they have less to haul off to DI.

Good luck, and enjoy!


  1. AvatarLauralee Altice says

    Did you see the garage sale in Cottonwood heights on Saturday? They are pro skiers and snowboarders and are selling gear along with lots of other stuff! It sounds awesome!

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