Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Cheapest times to fly

Spring is here, Summer is fast approaching…time for vacation! For today's “Replay Thursday” replayed savings tip, I thought I'd re-post this one about saving money on flights:

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Flying can be a blessing AND a curse.
Lately it seems much more like a curse because of all those hidden, little, and annoying fees the airlines charge! Save money where you can when it comes to flying!

Here are some tips I've put together that you've gotta try next time you fly to save you mucho dinero:

  • Fly on a Wednesday when you can. Why? Studies have shown it's the cheapest day to fly!
  • If you can't fly on a Wednesday, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the next best days.
  • Avoid Fridays and Sundays – those are the most expensive days to fly.
  • The best time to shop for and buy airline tickets is on Tuesdays at 3:00EST
  • Most sales that are put up on Tuesdays are taken down by Thursday, so if you are buying airline tickets over the weekend then you're probably paying too much.
  • If there is more than one person flying in your party, buy each ticket separately. Airlines are required to sell everyone in your party the same price on tickets, so if you split them up you could possibly find cheaper fares. Average out the cost throughout your party if needed.
  •  Be flexible with dates. Check at least one day before or after your preferred arrival/departure date and you could save major bucks!  
  • Check multiple airlines. The one you usually fly on may not have the best deal. You can even use a site like to compare all airlines for you, or you can bid for a price.
  • Sign up for airlines' email lists. You'll be notified of special sales.
  • I love flying Southwest because they don't charge for bags! Be sure to download DING. It pops up on your computer and notifies you of crazy amazing deals. I just got a ticket from Salt Lake to Portland for $66!
  • Try to travel at the “not so popular” times of year. February, September/October, and beginning of December are great times of year to get killer deals.
Happy savings to you, and have fun traveling!

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Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Dryer sheets

Here's today's savings tip replay! Just for the record, since posting this I have been tearing my dryer sheets in half – no matter how big the load of laundry, no matter what fabric it is. Guess what? It lasts 2x as long (duh!) and works JUST AS WELL! I wish I'd known this sooner.

Saving Craving! Savings tip: Dryer sheets

A great tip I got from a book “The Tightwad Gazette” is that you typically don't need a full dryer sheet to reduce static. Tear it in half or even in 4ths and you will still get the same results, while cutting down on your use of dryer sheets!
You can also make your own dryer sheets. 
  • Pour 1-2 T of Downy on a wash cloth and use it just like a dryer sheet. 
  • You can even use this for multiple loads.

You can even re-use sheets more than once! In the book there is someone that lives in an apartment and uses other people's discarded dryer sheets, and has never had to buy her own.
Give it a try, let me know if it works with the brand you like!
Happy savings to you 🙂


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