Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where we “replay” an old savings tip so you don't miss out on any of the goodness! 🙂
The weather is warming up, and we all know what that means…
BUGS are coming out.
Here are some creative (and CHEAP or FREE) ways to keep the bugs away!
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Bugs are gross. Bug spray is expensive. Enough said.

Today's tip is a simple one. Rather than buying expensive (and potentially hazardous!) bug killing spray, use these simple tips to keep bugs away!

  • Scatter bay leaves on pantry shelves to keep bugs away
  • Pour some ammonia in doorways, and any other openings to your house like windows, garage door, screen doors, etc. This is safe and repels bugs well!
  • Lay fabric sheets around outdoors and keep them in your pockets to keep bees and bugs away when you're outside.
  • Draw a chalk line around the area that you don't want ants to cross…it's like magic, supposedly!

Do this rather than buy expensive bug spray and there you go!