Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where I “replay” and oldie – but goodie – savings tip so you don't miss out on anything great!
Since it's starting to get cold outside (here in Utah, anyway…) I've been going through my winter clothes and selling or donating things I don't want anymore. 
It reminded me of this tip that was posted a while back, and I thought I'd repost it to give you a good idea of how to repurpose those old sweaters that you would otherwise throw out! You could also find cheap sweaters at thrift stores or yard sales to make this project. Enjoy!

I found THIS fun tutorial on how to make leg warmers out of old sweaters.
What a great fun idea!
What you'll need is
  • An old sweater
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
All you do is:
  • Cut of the sleeve of your sweater, cutting straight across so the sleeve creates a long tube.
  • Turn the tube inside out and try it on with the cut end down toward your feet.
  • If the tube is too loose: pinch the inside of the tube so it's as tight as you want it against your leg. Pin the pinched excess all the way down the inside of the tube, from top to bottom. Sew along your pinned line and cut off the excess that you had “pinched” away from your leg. When you turn the tube right-side out again you won't see the part you cut off.
  • Once it's the tightness you want it, take off the tube. Fold the cut end up to create a hem (making sure your tube is still inside out).
  • Sew the hem at the bottom of your tube.
  • Turn it right-side out, and now you have a leg warmer! Yippee!
They look like so much fun and would also make great gifts! This is also a great way to make baby/child  leg warmers.
  If you try this out, be sure to send me pictures to funcheaporfree@gmail.com or post them on our Facebook Wall so I can share your successes with everyone.

Enjoy your Thursday 🙂