Jammin' Jammies made this post possible and boy, are we grateful!

The 5 BEST GAMES for family game night! Just in time for the Holidays!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE games. Like, love them. I can't throw a party without them, hoard them, even play them at my Freebs Night Out events. My family especially loves games around the Holidays. I've gotten questions about what our favorite family-friendly games are, and what we do on our family game nights…so I thought I'd do a video to give you an inside look at the fun we have, and our favorite games to play!

The Holidays are the PERFECT time to throw a family game night. Whether in a formal party setting with family or friends, or whether at home like we do, to get us in the Christmas Spirit, playing games together really does give you all the feels. Our tradition is to get out all the decorations, put on jammies, then play games until our sides hurt. Here's a video of our favorite games, and a few other treasures you'll thank me for later…

See the video online or watch right here:

Peed yourself a little, right?

Now, onto the details and FREE printable!


jammin jammies

Freebs…You NEED these matching jammies! We've been on the hunt for matching family Jams since last year. I found matching kid jammies, or matching adult jams. But it was hard to find ones for the WHOLE family – including #PoorChubbyOllie – without paying $60+ each! Jammin' Jammies sent these to us and we are sold. They are our favorite things ever. So much so, we even wore them for our family photo for a local magazine feature coming out in January!


(No really. Magazine. Family picture. Felt weird to do a formal one. Plus, the antlers are just so…Page, aren't they??)

In fact…

I love these jammies so much, my best friends and I got them and we wore them on our recent girl's trip to St. George and Las Vegas, as you probably saw on Instagram.

NOTE TO SELF: Want to draw a crowd on the Vegas strip? Put on heels and reindeer onesies and BOOM! Spectacle.


Don't you fret, video and full details regarding this GNO trip coming soon. And believe me, it's a must-see.

These jams are super soft, and just dang cute! They have different styles too, but obviously the reindeer onesies are my favorite. I asked Jammin' Jammies for a coupon code naturally, so

Use the code JOLLY20 to get 20% off! Plus, free shipping on orders over $75! Order HERE!

Forward this post to any moms or grandmas out there who buy jammies for Christmas. They will thank you later.

Now, onto the games!

A game night isn't complete with out incredibly hilarious, fun, and epic games. Here are a few I definitely recommend:


speak out

You Freebs have been asking Bubba and I to do a Speak Out challenge on Millennial Moms for months now. We thought we'd loop our kids in and give it a try. We weren't disappointed!

How to play Speak Out:

You put the hilarious mouth pieces in your mouth (tip: brush your teeth first. Your family will thank you.), then you take turns reading phrases off of cards that just so happen to be ridiculously hard to understand without the use of lips. The mouth pieces didn't fit on our kids' mouths, so Bubba and I read the phrase and had the kids guess. They loved it and we couldn't stop laughing!


FREE PRINTABLE! Christmas Don't Eat Pete

Oldie, but goodie! This is one of our kids' favorite games of all time. It's super easy to play, even Daivy can do it. In the video I had found a printable online, but don't know who the original source is! Thus, we made one just for our Freebs! (which is even cuter if I don't say so myself.)

…Grab your FREE Don't Eat Pete printable HERE!

How to play Don't Eat Pete:

Put 1 piece of candy or cereal on each picture on the Don't Eat Pete picture sheet. Have one player close their eyes. Have another player choose a picture on the sheet pointing to it quietly, making sure everyone else sees. Player #1 opens their eyes, then picks up one piece of candy off the sheet at a time. They are trying to avoid the picture player #2 chose. If they pick up the candy on the picture player #2 chose, everyone yells “don't eat pete!”. Player #1 gets to keep the candy. Simplest game ever and there's no “winner”, just free candy, so our kids LOVE IT!


heads up

Heads-up is the app Ellen Degeneres made, and it's one of our favorites! (Remember when I challenged Bubba?). It's charades in digital form, and they have Heads-Up for Kids with pictures instead of words! We love playing it. Download Heads-Up HERE.



I saw these on Sassy Steals for around $7 and had to snatch them up! They are also available on Amazon. Note – it doesn't work as well as it looks in the pictures, but was still super fun for the kids, and easy to travel with! We will be taking these to Nana's house with us for Thanksgiving.


pie face

Who DOESN'T love getting hit in the face with whipped cream?? I know we are just about the last people on the planet to jump on the Pie Face bandwagon, and it was worth the wait! It's hysterical, and our kids' new obsession.

How to play Pie Face:

You spin the spinner and click the hand bar according to the number your spinner lands on. You never know when the hand will pop and smash whipped cream in your face! It's essentially whipped cream roulette and it's HILARIOUS. Your family needs this game!

The 5 BEST GAMES for family game night! Just in time for the Holidays!

We genuinely hope this spread a little joy into your homes and hearts, and maybe inspired you to spend some quality (and hilarious) time together as a family. It's what the season is all about after all!

Wishing you the jolliest of Holidays!