We had some INCREDIBLE sponsors at MECCA this year. They wanted to wrap up their MECCA experience by providing our readers with some exclusive discounts and deals! I have 3 great deals to share with you. First up:

Refinance your home with RanLife, get a $300 Target gift card!

If you Refinance your home through RANLife you will get a $300 Target Gift Card at closing! If you apply before Friday (1/23/15) you will also receive the Customer for Life Benefit (normally only for return or repeat RANLife customers) which gives you .05% of the loan amount as a credit towards closing costs or to buy down for a lower rate. They have never done both the Gift Card and the money back as credit for closing costs, so this is only for our readers as this one-time MECCA special.

All you have to do is  fill out a pre-approval form over here to get started. 

This deal is valid through January 23rd.(so you only have 3 days left)  You don’t need to have closed by that date, but you do need to have started the process and contacted RANlife through the steps above by January 23rd to get the promotion. And RANLife works all over the Country… not just Utah!  So I would check with them to see if they can do this deal in your State as well!
Refinancing can save you a TON on your mortgage payment each month. My husband and I refinanced our town home a few years ago, and it dropped our payment by several hundred dollars per month. It made it so we could afford to rent it out and not lose money on it each month!
So check out RANlife and see how much they can save you! (And hey, who couldn't use $300 to spend at Target, right??)
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