groceriesI probably sound like a broken record. I'm sure many of you are sick of hearing the same things over and over from me. But the truth of the matter is that saving money and getting ahead in life is simple, and there's really not that much to it!
One of the most important tricks? FOCUS ON YOUR FOOD. That's it. Plan and simple. Easy peasy. BAM, saving you thousands. Literally. (See how HERE). Seeing as how it's “No Eating Out Week” and all, I thought I'd let our reader friend, Kelsey, tell you in her own words how easy it is to feed her family of 3 on just $200/month. Take it away, Kelsey!
Hi Jordan! I went price-matching this week and thought I'd share my success with you.
I paid $97.42 for everything, most of it wouldn't fit on my table in the picture! It will feed us for weeks. Here are some of the things I got, using Deals to Meals:

Price matching:

Kraft Ranch- was 2.12 paid 1.50 – Got two
Apple Juice- was 1.97 paid 1.00- Got three
Pepsi – was 1.00 paid 0.88- Got six
Milk 1/2 gallon- was ? paid 1.25-Got two
Doritos- was 2.75 paid 2.00- Got two
Kitty Litter- was 7.49- paid 5.75- Got one
Campell's soup- was 0.75- paid 0.50- Got six
Tyson Chicken Nuggets- was 5.49-paid 3.99- Got one
 Bread-whole wheat & white- was 1.17- paid 1.00- Got two
Shredded cheese 32 oz bag- was 7.94- paid 5.49- Got two
Walmart price-matched my generic stuff, no questions asked, which I was super worried about, so now I'm even more excited!
I use your meal planning charts & shopping lists, so this will be more than enough for all of our meals I plan. I usually spend about this much at kroger every 2 weeks, but I usually have to put 4-5 things back to meet my total and get almost everything generic (which I don't mind), so I was so excited yesterday! I used to shop at aldi, but just got sick of eating the same things every week. I HATE walmart, I love it in general, prices, policies, etc. but every time I go during the day, it is such a pain! I noticed you talked about going to the neighborhood market vs. supercenter, and I actually have one within 10 minutes, so I may just have to try that next time because once I find a cheaper way, I can never go back!
Thank you so much for all of your help. I know you have a lot of people who visit your blog, but I know you help them out so much. I loved seeing you on TV & would love if you got your own show! ;]
Thanks again,
See! Kelsey jumped in head-first and is saving her family hundreds. You can do it too! This is an average grocery trip for me (broken down HERE)
If I can do it, YOU can do it.
Hang in there with the No Eating Out Challenge, it will be worth it.